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My intention for these ideas rests upon the basis of creating more opportunities for exciting PvP experiences out in the open world.

Albion Bandit/Siege Camps Idea

My intention for these ideas rests upon the basis of creating more opportunities for exciting PvP experiences out in the open world. Specifically, these will benefit the rogues and bandits among the community, giving them opportunities to hold land, earn silver and have a criminal presence on the world map without participating in the GvG system. Criminal bands of casual players or open world PvP focused players can take on guilds and force them to react to their activities or they will lose resources, finances etc passively through a new 'corruption' system.


So let's bring some role play in to Albion Online. We want to assume Albion is a land alive and bustling with activity out with the player world we see. There would be trade between lands and outposts, hamlets and frontier towns. Other common folk making their living. See the hireable labourers on your personal island. This means there is money out there in the wpole that players themselves are not directly responsible for. Plus it gives Albion what it is missing, lore and story revolving around a living/breathing world.


Albion Bandit/Siege Camps Idea


Illegal activity in a zone cluster, an active bandit camp, will drain silver passively over a short time period (let's say, one tick every 15 minutes) from the treasury of the guilds who own territories in the area. The more territories, the more resources is lost by a guild to 'corruption'. This would also rely on territories passively giving guilds silver for owning territories. Corruption will also effect resource generators active in the area, placing these resources in a chest in the bandit camp which can then only be accessed by the party that captured the camp. Sort of similar to the treasure chests in some clusters we have now but it is in the camp and not just anyone can open it.


Still following? Good. Now let's get in to the good stuff!


Bandit Camps/Siege Camps


What are they?


Small makeshift camps, fortified with stakes and walls from felled trees. Guarded by NPCs, fellow bandits and vagabonds, similar to the castles and the new watch tower territories. Located somewhere in a cluster that would be appropriate and not too close to territories.


How would they work?


In the centre of the camp, a chest and a flag pole. The chest for the storage of resources and silver. The flag pole to be used as a capture point which can only be captured by parties. This would mean that the parties would need to remove the NPCs first before capturing the flag and raising a "Jolly Roger". Think of it as the party proving they are the top dogs and the NPC bandits being silly NPC bandits who would only follow the strongest leaders. Once the flag is raised, the NPCs will respawn loyal to the party who captured it.


The flag will slowly drop over 30 minutes and in order for the party to keep control of the camp, they must raise the flag again.


Additional ideas


A zone/cluster wide tax can be applied to all silver gained from mobs and gathering activities. This will affect everyone in the area. Perhaps something like 1/3 of materials would be transferred to the chest in an active bandit camp.


This can also be transformed or just used as a siege camp by guilds to force some open world PvP on their enemies.


Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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