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Albion Online: I don't think that gear will become cheaper

Crafters like myself watch that market with a hawk eye and I will not sell if the falue has dropped. So I hold on to my stuff or sell it in another town where the price is better.


Yes, the price for plate armour has dropped over the fest times, but it has risen quite a lot after that.


Even if you compare the mount prices between the 3 populated towns, you will see in BF mounts are still insainly expensive but in queens mounts up to t5 is so cheap any one can by them.


Albion Online: I don't think that gear will become cheaper


So for the lazy seller it would look like everything is getting cheaper, but the true market hunters will see where the best prices are.


How do I know this?


Easy, I test it. Plus I put in some bait to see if we have some hard core hunters out there. I sold a lot of things quite cheap in a random town and waited for someone to buy everything at once. A day later I did a hunt to see where he has sold them and found all my gear in QM for 5 times the price being sold.


I did the same with a run I did once and bought out the market in a town in the red zone and sold everything in BF for almost 10 times the price and made a massive profit.


So yes, things get cheap, but that is where the hunters get into play and buy out the market to sell it for a better price. Its called inflation.


Nope, its a result of the soft cap on the green and yellow zones. Its got nothing to do the LP.


T6 gear is useless in the royal districts and that's why they are so cheap. Just go and sell the gear where it matters.