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I think that the Diremounts have a drastically unfair advantage being able to go gate to gate immune to damage.

Albion Online: the complaints about Gallop

So this idea is relating to all the complaints about Gallop.


I think that the Diremounts have a drastically unfair advantage being able to go gate to gate immune to damage.


To deal with this it would be interesting to change the (unusual) mounts and leave horses and Ox as they are.


It would mean having some mounted combat buttons (q and w for example) that only illuminate when the mount is active.


Albion Online: the complaints about Gallop


Also, why not Rhino mounts? Could also make the giant ostrich type birds into a mount also. Rhino should take an entire farm plot to grow. Rhino would also need T7.3 metal, T7.3 wood and T7.3 leather to saddle.


So the idea is to remove gallop from the *special* mounts and instead give them other abilities which allow them to deal with gallop to some degree and also give them short speed boosts to make them similar but less than gallop - why less? Well they also get another ability which makes them versatile.


The movement speed buff abilities should only be long enough to get someone about half the map, and have a timer long enough to mean its a once per map ability.


T6 Direwolf


Prowl - Short period (10sec) of invisibility with slow movement speed 45sec (or 60 sec) CD - using prowl puts sprint on a 15 sec CD.

Sprint - Faster movement speed for a duration, replaces gallop but has a CD timer.

Also keeps quieter movement.


T7 Direboar


Trot - similar to sprint

Charge & Gore - Similar to charge on claymore, also applies a bleed to target which ticks for 36 damage each tick for a total of 540 damage *ie 15 seconds* short charge range of say 15m - Using charge and gore puts trot on a CD for 20 seconds


T7 Rhino 


Charge & Impale - Charges 20m and impales (stuns) multiple targets. 45sec CD - using charge puts stampede on a 15 sec CD.

Stampede - Similar to gallop but has a CD timer and shorter duration.

Should be noisy movement, like Ox.


T8 Direbear


Stun & Swipe - Similar to charge and gore but is powerful enough to stun the target for 3 seconds and does specific damage to mount causing 80% of mount damage and 180 damage to player.

Plodding Gait - Faster movement speed for a duration, Similar to gallop but has a CD timer

Should also have reduced movement noise except when plodding (running/galloping)

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