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Some general strategies to keep your team alive and kicking once you've mastered the basics.

Albion Online Healing Guide

Some general strategies to keep your team alive and kicking once you've mastered the basics.




Rule of thumb is to stay as far away as you can while still being in healing range. Never dive in to heal if it would severely risk your own survival, call for retreats and meet retreating players half-way.


Be extremely careful with your escape skills. Once you burned through them, you're dead. Try to space out usage so you always have one available. And most of all, never panic. Assess the situation and careful pick which skill to use. If a huge dude with a Great Hammer is slowing you down to a snail's crawl, don't use Sprint.




...or the art of knowing when to call for help. This takes a lot of experience to master, since you only want to call back teammates to help you when it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise all you're doing is taking away pressure from the frontline. Common scenario to yell for peels: Double Daggers/Halberd is chasing you into the backline and you've got no defensives on cooldown to mitigate their burst.

When in doubt, call for help.


Albion Online Healing Guide


Backline Calling


Healing gives you a unique perspective on the events unfolding on the battlefield. Since you're always target-switching heals across your team, you've got a very good idea on everyone's positioning. That's why you're the ideal backline caller. Your job is it to coordinate defensive measures, which include but are not limited to:


Calling back overextending teammates .

Calling for defensive plays when your energy pool starts to drop below 25% (especially if you're the sole healer on the team).

Correcting obvious positioning mistakes (e.g. players not acknowledging incoming AoEs).

Keeping an eye on the map in GvGs and call out cap attempts.

Screenshotting combat looters to berate them later.


Quick Targeting


It's essential that you respond to incoming damage as quickly as possible. This is especially true if you play one of the Nature Staffs, since your heals build over time. That's why you want to minimize your error margin and optimize for mechanical efficiency. Using your left mouse button to target will have a significant error rate for obvious reasons (lag, sudden movements, misclicks). Instead, use your function keys (F1-F4) whenever your party size allows for it.


Debuff Tracking


Make it a habit to check your debuffs (icons underneath your character name in the top left) in steady intervals. Especially if you're being targeted by bursty enemies. They will either try to reduce your armor/mres and/or try to build stacks on you for maximum damage. Simple example: as soon as a Double Daggers player has 2 stacks of his Q on you, you should get ready to pop a defensive skill. With some practice, you can mitigate huge damage spikes easily.


Play reactively, not proactively. Tracking debuffs will make it very transparent when it's time to use escapes and when you're going to be fine just outhealing the damage.

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