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After this new patch we all know that light armors are forced to focus primarily on magical resistance over physical resistance. This is a problem for many people as it forces a weakness vs certain weapon types.

How to Choose Right Armor in Albion Online

After this new patch we all know that light armors are forced to focus primarily on magical resistance over physical resistance. This is a problem for many people as it forces a weakness vs certain weapon types.


Personally I feel that the majority of damage in the game right now is physical damage. If I am wearing light armor or cloth armor it seems to me that I am at a disadvantage in general in pvp combat because of the forced focus on magical resistance over physical resistance. Before the patch with my light .3 leather armor, I was a lot more tanky vs people coming at me with claws or daggers etc. Now after the patch it feels almost suicidal to wear out my 7.3 light armor. For example, yesterday I had a dagger user hit me for a bit over 2k damage with his 3 stack finisher, which is 80% of my health pool when at full life. I realize there are plenty of ways to counter dagger and claw users, however I do feel that the changes in armor made me extremely squishy.


Also of note is the new passives on the heavy armor line. Before my 7.3 boots I run would give me ~13 resistance to magical and physical. That was changed to a 2.5% increase in overall resist value. With my new armor rating of around 150 physical and 170 magical resist that totals out to 3.75 additional physical resist and 4.2 additional magical resist. This is a huge decrease from before and further complicates the matter of a light chest user having very low defense in general.


How to Choose Right Armor in Albion Online


Personally I think the armor changes have been moving in the right direction to lend the game a more dynamic feel in pvp, but the main problem is simply the amount of physical damage vs magical damage currently in the game on the weapon lines.


Current Physical Damage Weapons

-Sword Line

-Axe Line

-Mace Line

-Hammer Line

-Xbow Line

-Bow Line

-Spear Line

-Dagger Line

-Qstaff Line


Current Magical Damage Weapons

-Fire Staff Line

-Frost Staff Line

-Cursed Staff Line


-Nature Line (support)

-Holy Line (support)

-Arcane Line (support)


As you can see, there are 9 weapons lines that focus heavily on physical damage while there are only 3 weapon lines that focus on magical damage. The 3 magical support weapon lines 99.999% of the time you will not have to worry about taking any damage from them in pvp combat simply because people that play them are focused on healing or buffing your group and not focused on damaging the enemy group.


My suggestions to solve the problems revolving around this issue:


1. The first solution is easier to implement because it keeps the new armor changes introduced with Cador. Simply make some abilities on the physical damage weapons magical. For example, changing the dagger users 'E' ability to magical instead of physical damage. This is an easy idea to implement because all you have to do is change the damage type on a few spells to help balance the game out in general.


2. The second solution would require a change in a future patch (maybe it is already planned). In the Q and A video released about a week ago, it was mentioned that in the future you are planning to remove the uncommon, rare, etc crafting requirement needed for the .2 and .3 armors and instead make it 'optional' for increased albion online items quality. My suggestion would be to allow crafters to use 'rare metal' when crafting a light armor to increase the physical resistance of that cloth piece. As a person crafting a light armor, why can he not choose what to augment his armor with? From the perspective of immersion, all this amounts to is a crafter sewing in some metal plates/pieces into a cloth armor to increase its physical protection. The same principal could be used for a heavy armor crafter augmenting his armor with certain plant fibers to increase magical protection. This does not change the fact that heavy armor users would have a lot more defense than light armor users. This would simply allow a player crafting his armor to choose what type of damage resistance he wants to supplement his build with.


Personally I like my second suggestion more because it gives the game more variety and no one using a certain weapon line will feel they are getting nerfed because of a change to a spell or ability damage type.


Hopefully someone will pass this on as a suggestion to the great team at Sandbox Interactive because I feel it is a good suggestion for overall game improvement! Cheers!

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