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Some Albion Online FAQs For New Beginners

Whatever to a newbie or veteran of Albion Online, they always to get more tips and important informations about the game, if you are one of them, you've come to the right place, some general faqs below will help you a lot!


Q: What is Albion Online?

A: Albion Online is the first MMO to combine full-loot PvP with a classless character customization system and territory-based guild versus guild warfare, all in a free-to-play game. It is also the world’s first true cross-platform MMO, giving players a full MMO experience on Linux, Windows, Mac, and iOS and Android tablets, all in one massive world. Claim your own plot in Albion, or team up with a guild and conquer your own territories, erect buildings and earn alibon online silver, then fight to expand your empire!


Q: I’m interested! How/when can I play? 

A: At the moment Albion Online is in alpha. If you’d like to support the development of Albion Online, intermittent alpha tests are accessible now with our founder’s packs, which you can learn about here. Our 2015 Winter Alpha is scheduled to begin on th


Some Albion Online FAQs For New Beginners


Q: What are the minimum system requirements?

A: There are no set minimum requirements for Albion Online yet, however, as the game is being developed to run on tablets as well as in client versions and in browser, you can be sure it won’t be too demanding for your PC. Developing for cross-platform presents advantages as well as challenges; and one of those is the heavy focus on optimisation, which means that the game runs great in all versions! Here is some current information regarding minimum requirements:


Android devices: 

- 7 inch screen- tegra3 chip or similar 

- Android 2.3.1 (we’d recommend 4.x)

- 1 GB RAM- OpenGL ES 2.0



- 7 inch screen

- Apple A5 dual-core (2nd gen iPad or 1st gen iPad Mini)





Please be aware that all system requirements are subject to change as the game grows and more great features are added! Keep an eye on this page to remain up-to-date with changes in minimum requirements.


Q: Will I be able to select a different race for my character?

A: Though it is planned that Albion Online will feature different playable races, this feature is a post-release topic, and it's likely all players will have human characters on release. This is simply due to how significant a workload adding a new race would mean for a small, independent team. 


Q: Will the option of WASD movement be added in future?

A: Currently players move their characters through Albion with mouse clicks, and we think that works pretty well! WASD movement is definitely not a priority, and might not be implemented at all. If it is implemented at all, it will definitely be a feature for post-release, after Albion Online's fundamental mechanics are set and working well.


Q: I usually play solo - what can I get from Albion Online?

A: Albion Online is undoubtedly a game which is more fun to play when you’re in a group. However, we want to cater to all kinds of players, so a lot of the content in the game can also be enjoyed by solo players; for instance, the focus on gathering and crafting, and customizing your perfect player character. Players can also opt to be mercenaries, serving any guild but swearing loyalty to none, in pursuit of power and fame for themselves. More info about solo player mechanics will be released soon.


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