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Albion Online is very popular among many Sandbox game, some players write to us last week, wanting to know the real meanings/issuess of fast travel.

The Real Issues/Meanings of Fast Travel in Albion

Albion Online is very popular among many Sandbox game, some players write to us last week, wanting to know the real meanings/issuess of fast travel. Here AOSilver will talk about the kernel of fast travel in the game. 


The Real Issues/Meanings of Fast Travel in Albion


The real issue with fast travel is it takes an entire player set out of the open world. This is important for a few reasons.


1. It makes gatherers the only rabbit for wolves to hunt. The deer could be there, but they have been given the ability to Teleport. This is why you see gatherers getting so upset at people wanting a change to red/yellow zone reputation loss and lock out. They think it will be open season on them. However what they fear the most will happen. The only people pvping in red zones will be ganker's that learn how to bypass the reputation lockout and the only person for them to hunt will be gatherers. Isnt that ironic?


Just so were clear in the old betas there were a lot more than just gatherers and gankers who try to kill them in red zones. There were guilds doing trade runs, mercs trying to gank those trade runs, whiteknights protecting those trade runs and gatherers. At the moment you dont see these players because of the way the reputation system and lock out system works. I am sure this will get a "go to black zone to pvp response." These players are risk adverse and want to have an easy mode zone to gather in while watching netflix on their second screen or they want to run their bot for easy loot. Also players that say this have never been to the black zone let alone tried pvp to understand what is wrong with it. However the moment they do, if they ever do they will come here and make a post just like this proclaiming how flawed it is. That is the sad reality of the average carebear in this game. They want to proclaim and assume things work a certain way without having the first hand knowledge of how the system works. To judge a system or mechanic at least TRY both sides of it.


2. The amount of money one can make trading between localized markets will surpass every PvE activity in the game. All you need is the capital to start which at the moment is very easy to get. Teleporting traders will eventually crash the gold/silver market because AO devs do not employ an economist to watch their economy. Games like Eve who had the same localized trading system without the fast travel monitored their economy with a special economist and that was his only job. If you asked an eve player what would happen to Eve if they allowed players to port from trading station to trading station they would think you have autism for even suggesting it. I can not stress this point enough. The market WILL crash if fast travel remains as is.


3. It ensures the RMT and gold/silver farmer will always be on top. These guys only job is to play the game. Most of us have real jobs. Between these guys earning capital by running expedition instances they never have to leave town to use, and trading between markets with fast travel they will rake in more US dollars than the Publisher of this game will.


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