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There is some points why. I dont wanna compare spear tree to other trees, but trust me this weapon is weaker than half of weapons in this game.

The Weak Spear Tree in Albion

There is some points why. I dont wanna compare spear tree to other trees, but trust me this weapon is weaker than half of weapons in this game.


Let's talk about this tree in general (Q/W spells)


Q spell have huge manacosts and you going out of mana really quick on high tiers, you always should be on 3 stacks, in my opinion you should do one of this things with this (it's really stupid spell right now if compare it to sword tree Q or axe tree Q)


1) Make less manacosts for this spell, now it's like 5-7% of your max mana, not even funny to waste 15-21% of ur current mana just to get your full strenght.


2) Honestly I dont think less manacosts will change anything for this weapon. You just need to get back that infinite stack time like in beta1 and just nerf the coldown . I mean stacks will not dissapear, but their coldown will be like ~3-4 secs, it will be balanced and will introduce a new gameplay - you will be forced to THINK use your ultimate or NOT.


The Weak Spear Tree in Albion


W spells


1) Wall of spears is ok, most balanced spell atm, good damage, good manacosts, legit coldown.


2) Criiple , damn this spell is too weak if compare it to other melee weapons W, and that "purge" doesn't work on shield sprint. It says you should remove enemy sprints, but you cant remove enemy shield sprint, bug i guess. Also it have very weak damage if you compare it to axe W for example, slow amount is really low, and tbh personally I dont know why ppl using this spell.


3) Enchanted weapon - useless, just delete this spell honestly, spear tree have a very intensive gameplay, and you dont have time to prepare this W+ your Q.


Now let's take about E spells.


Glaive - pretty balanced weapon, only one balanced weapon in this tree, enought strenght, bruiser with perfect control, really awesome weapon.


Spear - this E is just terrible, it's always bugged, your radius is like x3 times lower than on your screen. You should hit 3 guys , but you hitting only 1 , no idea why, your range of E is just crap, and you cant hit the targets who is staying near edge of circle. Look on that spell, really working very bad. Like you cant hit the targets who trying to run. Also range on that "charge" is very low, every terrain NEAR your way just interrupting that spell, just completly broken. Sometimes it hit, sometimes not, at least make this mechanic like greathammer E, will be better.

Example with that bug on video below


Btw nice damage with light armor+full arcane+3 stacks = 700 damage rofl.

Heron spear - worst weapon in tree, your E not consume your stacks, the damage of this spell is just SUPER low, yea you have low coldowns, but honestly E with that damage shouldn't exist at all, you cant compare it to any of current meta ZvZ weapons. It's pretty trash in GvG, also not that usefull in ZvZ (cause of fireballs/iceballs e.t.c.). Also you dont need that HUUUGE spellrange, nerf it please, buff damage or radius instead or spear hitbox


Pike - yeaaa, this weapon is pretty good, BUT that E animation is just f*cking annoying, you should to be ahead your target because it always interrupts, just always. Enemy running? Prepare to get stuck like an idiot with that animation. Just remove that cast-time on E please, you nerfed it enought already. Like damage isn't really high versus medium/heavy armors if you will compare it to other weapons, it's really not that high and your stacks will be consumed not good perspective tbh, better to just AA, it will give you most DPS.


In general I think spear tree is a weak tree with a lot of bug's / and stupid things like root smash animation.

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