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To be a 2H Warrior Weapon User in Albion Online

So I would love to have some suggestions and opinions about a two handed weapon warrior (mace, hammer, sword, axe trees) build for solo roaming in pvp. IF it is at all viable ofc!


I thought about halberd with leather armor but I always played a warrior in every game and just wanna stick to it in this game too :P (Also leveling warrior weapons with taunt skill would be easier cause you can go dungeons more frequintly)


I have seen some people with giant hammer using leather armor for example, that seems interesting.


In my experience with the warrior weapons, the main problem on an outdoor combat, when people get low they so easily run away (Especially when you are using the weapons in axe tree). And you usually can't chase them like a warbow does.


To be a 2H Warrior Weapon User in Albion Online


Here's a fun build I thought of (Just trying to think out of the box here)(THIS HAVEN'T BEEN TESTED MUCH due to my low lvl items):


Weapon: Polehammer = Bash Knee, Heavy Cleave, Groundbreaker, Slow Poison


Helm: Mercenary Hood (Heavy Leather) = Howl or Meditation, Move Speed


Chest: Scholar Robe (Heavy Cloth) = Speed Caster, Concentration


Boots: Scholar Sandals (Heavy Cloth) = Energetic Sprint, Concentration


This build focuses on using Heavy Cleave with a fast cast time. In an ideal situation you would push your enemy to use their blink/dodge/sprint and then slow them and land an ultra fast cast of Heavy Cleave dealing a good amount of dmg and then using groundbreaker to stun and land another heavy cleave hit with huge dmg.


It would be tough to land everything and even if you land everything you could run out of mana.


It is a long and tough process to level everything and try out by yourself so Let's discuss your ideas and experiences and so we can progress faster!