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Why is there a problem between PvP and PvE

I think that part of the problem is that PvP is not able to happen anywhere nor is it typically mutually desired. Bear 2 things in mind. First I am adamantly against removing PvP as a risk in red/black (yellow doesn't count) for the obvious and numerous reasons. Second I would like ways for this consentual PvP to occur in ALL Cities, Yellow, Red, and black zones. I think if the option were there and it wasn't going to get you banned from town/safe zones then ppl would fight and that is good.


I am thinking it could be added to already existing places in part.


Why is there a problem between PvP and PvE


Unused Portions of the Map:

All of those lower areas on the map (canyons, creeks, sinkholes, etc) that we currently have no access too become straight up black zones (no reputation). Special access would be needed to prevent mishap such as using a rope ladder, grapple, a place that asks if you wish to climb down a narrow path, whatever its just a buffer. I would love to see these areas interconnect with caves that are also black zone rules.


Sewer System in Cities:


Every city now has a sewer under it. The sewer is a black zone. There is no rule of law. The kings guard does not venture into these rat infested tunnels. An underground full loot arena might be found in some of the rougher towns.


Lower Dungeons:


Dungeons could have entrances that lead into the bowels of albion where even the guards don't go. A sub-layer could be added to dungeons throughout the red, yellow, and black zones. This underlayer would also be black zone rules. You get the idea.


Keep the tier requirements, gear caps, and all that. Its just a way to add the option to PvP most everywhere while not infringing on folks that don't want this kind of interaction. I do think this would add meaning and disti


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