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Albion Online Melee Healer Weapons Guide

Hi, Albion fans, I am Cruzify and I was invited to to talk about how to use Melee Healer Weapons with right ways in the game, if you want to know the secrets of Melee Healer Weapons, just listen to me


Albion Online: What Happened to Hellgates

Some players complain that there is no value to go Hellgates, because you will not find anyone here, either enemies nor Derrick's team, all in all, none would like go to Hellgates, so are Hellgates going to die?


What Cause the Loss of Albion Players?

There is only a month to the releasing of Albion Online, but do you notice that some Albion players are leaving the game, why and what happened?


Albion Online: Are Horses Broken?

Hi, Albion Online fans, I am Dalby, the Guest Writer of, this time we are going to talk about the Horse Balance in game, some players believe that Horse are already broken, and request Sandbox Interactive to fix it!


Albion Online BOW Weapon Line Guide

In Albion Online, BOW is not the most powerful weapons, not even a strong weapon, as most of players think, BOW really need a huge buff, then it could be compared with other weapons.


Albion Online: Upcoming Outlands Update & Possible Influence

Hi, guys, I'm MichaxlT, the columnist of AOSilver, so happy to be here, I believe most of you have already seen the Albion Development Recap (May 19), knowing that some upcoming improvements will add to Outlands!


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