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Albion Is Still Not A Unadulterated Sandbox

Yes, Albion Online has been released for almost two month, but is "two month" really a long time? Of course not, Albion Online is still not a sandbox, despite it will be a great sandbox in future. It then has much much work ahead of it still, right now it is not one.


Albion Online Loot: There Certainly Should Be A Balance

Welcome to aosilver time, it's another day we are here to talk about Albion Online, the game we love forever. We always want to get more loots in game, but it's noty so easy, because full loot is a major design flaw, and I think there should be some balance.


Horrible Heal Changes in Albion Online

Hi guys, do you find some bad changes in Albion Online now? I sincerely hope the Flash Heal changes don't go live. 50% increased mana usage, no mana return from stacks, all hese would not be good news to all Albion players, changes is already here, we are required to adapt these horrible heal changes, not just complaining.


Albion Online Review: Good, Bad And Ugly

As an old MMO game fans, my life is full with many different games, my first MMO is Neverwinter Nights. Now my favorite MMO is Albion Online, this sandbox game is pretty good, and what sets this game apart are three things - Good, Bad and Ugly!


Albion Online: Three Main Problems in Red/Blue/Yellow/Black Zones

We are so happy that Albion was released in last month, is this game perfect now? Of course not, there is still a long way for Albion Online, we can ignore some issues, which is the gradation of risk for reward. I think we have three problems here. Let me elaborate


Are You Kicked Out in Albion Online?

Hey guys, do you play the Albion Online all you free time in nowdays? And any of you was kicked out in Albion? If you are kicked by other players, don’t react instantly with anger and blame your teamamte, just think about yourself. You may need more suggestion for the beginning!


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