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A Few Suggestions For Solo Zone

Another AOSilver time, my dear friends. How do you guys feel with the Solo Zone in Albion Online? And are you a Solo player? Solo Zone is a place that where players are forced into meaningful and blanced combat, and all players here have incentive to battle, we know that Solo Zone is not perfect now and need more changes.


How to Counter 2 Healer Group in Albion Arena Mode?

With the releasing of Joseph Update, we can play the Arena Mode - the newly added mode for 5v5 battles with a capture point mechanic. But if you join the Arena as a solo player or even build a group, you will still find that it's hard to counter 2 Healer groups.


Population in Albion Online Is Dying

Welcome to AOSilver - the homeland of all Albion Online fans, it's our honor to offer you best Albion silver service and most useful Albion news and guides, we will enjoy this game together, share hapiness and fun in game. Anyway, do you guys find that population in Albion Online is dying, Albion is loosing some players now!


Is Albion OnlIne Escape Machanics Logical?

Hey guys, how do you think of the Escape Machanics in Albion Online? You know, Population is very important, but some players are going to leave Albion, and Escape Machanics was identified as a significant cause, is there any of your friends abandon the game now? And is it so hard to reach T7? What's the feeling of T7?


I Play Albion Online, and I Have No Premium

Hey guys, I am teeteWile, a die-hard fan of Albion Online, and I was invited to AOSilver to share my experience in game, you know, some players believe that they should buy a Premium if they want to enjoy more fun in Albion Online.


How to Be A Casual Player in Albion Online

Hi guys, I'm back, welcome to aosilver time again, what do you describe your position in the Albion Online? I think myself a casual player, yes, I play Albion just for fun and enjoy some happy time with my friends.


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