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Let's be honest, the game is a little stale right now. We’ve been doing GvGs and Castle fights for so long it's starting to get a bit boring.

12 Ideas For Meeting Better Albion PvP Encounters

Let's be honest, the game is a little stale right now. We’ve been doing GvGs and Castle fights for so long it's starting to get a bit boring. You see a city fight once in awhile and Hell Gates were the flavor of the month but now aren’t really done that much. Treasure Chests don’t seem to add much either as PvP rarely happens around them. I think while the timezone slotted GvGs might hurt GvGing a bit I think it will greatly increase Open World pvp including Treasure Chest and Castle fights. So I am willing to see it in action before I say I don’t want to see it done.


Now this isn’t what this post is about. This post is about how to add more content to whats already there and how to keep the player base coming back day after day for more. So how do we do this? Simple, create varied activities that are “FUN” and “Different”. Right now we have GvG/Hell Gates/City fights which are basically the same thing, Open World/Treasure Chests, and finally Castle fights. I will add in Dueling but it could be much better. So we basically have 3.5 types of PvP in the game so far. We need to vastly improve that number. The number of different types of PvP activities in EVE which is referenced so much greatly outnumbers Albion. For example games like ESO which has only 1 type, people get bored in 3 months and quit the game who came for PvP. Let's not fall into that trap.


Idea #1


Royal Islands. It’s great that you want to provide a safe place for people not inclined to get ganked 24/7. I applaud this but let's take advantage of what we have. Why not write into the history of Albion that the Lords of the King and Queen do a bit of fighting from time to time. Now they're born of high society so it's very above brow and honorable so while armies march against each other they don’t attack the common folk. Develop a system similar to EVE Onlines Faction Warfare.


Perhaps the King and Queen are feuding. The lords loyal to each settle on their respective islands and will pay top dollar for conscripts to join their armies. Now this is where it gets interesting. Throughout the day different events will kick off where one NPC army leaves a Lords castle headed for an opposing Lords castle for a fight. The opposing Lord will mount his defense and when the invading army gets there the fight starts. Kind of think of this as a massive battle from like Game of Thrones. Now the player can signup to work for a specific Lord and will be able to respond to the defense of said castle or tag along during an invasion. Entire Guilds can signup with a Lord and be sent out to wipe the invaders off the map enroute or the harry them and decrease the armies numbers before it gets to their Lords castle. Players can only attack NPCs or other Players of the opposing Lords force. So don’t be a conscript of a Lord whose fighting if you don’t want to get attacked. Let the players help write the history of the King and Queens land. Perhaps sometime down the road a Lord can decide to revolt and dispose the King and become King in his own right. How cool would it be if Guilds signed up for this and if the Lord won there would be a statue listing all the Guilds who supported the new King or defended the old King. Events like this could kick off that would generate fun, interesting, and enjoyable pvp experiences that people could become invested in. Did I mention that if one side gets a lot of players the invading army will grow so the fight is as fair as possible!


Reward the winning side with some type of Royal Fame. Each side will have a ranking system. The person with the most Fame for X Lord will be that Lords General. Kinda like a prestige system, maybe even let the top ranked players initiated the fights when the cooldown is up.



Idea #2

Hamlets - Add little hamlets in the Black Zones. Let a Guild run up to it and activate it. Repair a trio of guard towers which pack a punch, repair walls, build catapult, ect. The longer they have the stronger they can entrench themselves.


The kicker is when a Hamlet is activated a notice goes out to the entire server. This is where the small elite guilds or groups in larger guilds would go and setup shop for the night and give the server a big FU. Come and get us out of our Hamlet if you can. This would really allow small tightnit guilds to show off their prowess. Design the map locations so zergs are at a disadvantage with lots of choke points, like in canyon system or cave system or something so small guilds can really shine. I’d love to see a video like the 300 Spartans fighting the legions of Persians.


Too many people in the hamlet defending and the anti zerg mechanics will work against them.


Idea #3


So I know its been said that SI doesn’t want instanced PvP because they feel it will take away from GvG and Open World. One of the biggest reasons we don’t have an arena. We can still make an Arena though. Like in the ole days Tournaments were held at Kings and Lords castles. So why not give the ability for Cities and Castles to host a Tournament. That way these sorts of events can happen once in awhile but people aren’t in them 24/7. Say when a Tournament is announced from Castle Greyjoy people have 72 hours to sign up for the events. There is a starting date and after closing of signups people get when their events are happening. Tournaments could be anything from 1v1, brawling with no armor and fists to full T8, to any number of XvsX. This is the place where things like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Free For All Battle Royals, Hunger Games, ect. could take place.


The best thing about this is make it so it happens below the outside. In a pit of sorts. So people can view the tournament from below. Add in betting on the Tournaments to add in another albion online silver sink and get people interested in the Tournaments and wagering.


Add in leader boards for the Tournaments and you’ll have some high level pvp as well as groups just having fun. There might only be three Tournaments and each Tournament last over a week with scheduled events throughout the week and players might take part in 1 and be out or 20 events if they can win the entire event.


Idea #4


Real NPC caravans. Let players put in orders for goods. When other players fill those goods it generates a message to the buyer that the goods have been packaged and they will ship at X time tomorrow.


12 Ideas For Meeting Better Albion PvP Encounters


Then have a NPC that you can pay off in each city that will tip you off about shipments leaving for 24 hours.

When a shipment leaves the buyer already knows when and where and the destination. So he will have a party there to make sure the shipment arrives safely. The players looking to steal the shipment will only know a small window of when the shipment is leaving and will have to have a scout in place. Then figure out where the shipment is going and head there to cut the caravan off.


Allow the buyer to pay the shipping NPC to delay the shipment maybe 2 times max to add confusion and to allow for not being able to get enough caravan defenders. Maybe even let the buyer higher a couple city guards for the escort.


Idea #5


Don’t screw up Whistling Ravine PvP. I know you will still have yellow zones in the Royal Islands but don’t screw up that rule set with your map and reputation changes. This is where the casuals get their fill and we introduce new players to PvP in preparation for the Black.


Idea #6


Change Castle fights. They happen too quickly. Castle sieges lasted days, weeks, if not months. Now of course nobody wants to fight for a month let alone a week for a castle but they change hands to quickly. Lets take a page from Darkfall and use some of their systems.


When Vendetta initiates a siege against Red Army they will need to drop supplies into a supply train, NPC Caravan, which will then make its way toward the Castle their sieging. The closer the castle the easier it will be which is how it should be. If the supply train reaches a predetermined spot, there should be 4-5 spots around a castle the sieger can select when they initiate the Siege.


It takes an hour for the supply train to turn into a siege camp. This builds limited wall with flimsy door, couple weak towers, ect. During this hour the people being sieged can sally forth from the castle and try and kill the supply train. If they are successful the siege ends. To the victor goes the spoils. If they are not successful the supply train turns into the siege camp.


Now the Siege Camp and Castle are locked. You can assault either but won’t be able to destroy the Camp or take the Castle. 23 hours after the Supply Train turns into the Siege Camp the second phase of the siege will start. For an hour the Siege Camp will be vulnerable. If Red Army can killed the people at the Siege Camp, get inside, and destroy the bank the Siege Camp disappears and the siege is over. If the Siege Camp is successfully defended for an hour the Castle becomes vulnerable. Then the normal castle fight takes place.


I feel like something along these lines not only simulates what it was more like but also creates way more fun and it takes 24-28 hours for a castle to change hands and you get 2-3 good fights instead of 1.


Idea #7


Outlands. Let's be honest only the hardcore can compete with each other for the best black zones. Semi-Hardcore, Normals, and Casuals should all have their place in GvGs as well. Lets take advantage of this in the Black Zones.


I will rank them in 3 different Tiers. Tier Casual, Tier Semi, and Tier Hardcore. The best Black Zones should be Tier Hardcore, thats the current Black Zone rule sets. People bring what they want and there are no caps.


The average Black Zones should be Tier Semi. This means gear is capped at X where X is the gear level an average player can field in a GvG for the amount of time an average player can play.


The worst Black Zones should be Tier Casual. This means gear is capped at Tier 5.3, 6.2, 7.1 or the current Yellow Zones GvG rule set.


Add in that if you own Tier Hardcore Blackzones and you claim Tier Casual Blackzones it degrades your Tier Hardcore Blackzones. We don’t want the Hardcores trolling the casuals. Maybe even account lock characters to a specific tier for 72 hours. Sure people could buy two or three accounts, which is more money for SI which is a good thing, but I doubt most would. Stomping casuals gets old sooner or later for Hardcores.


I feel like a system such as this will let the hardcore compete against the hardcore for the richest zones, the average player compete against the average and the casuals compete against the casuals. Everyone should get a chance to compete against their similar player base in the 5 man GvGs.


Idea #8


Make chests worth going to.


Idea #9


Royal Black Cities. Add one Black City in the Royals. This is where the people who have bad Reputation can hangout while not in the Outlands. Now the Royals don’t like these cities being here and will send troops to deal with the cities. Make the city like a tent city when it first spawns and the longer it stays in place the more and more it looks like a fortified city. Now players loyal to the Royals, ie people with good Reputations, can tag along and kill black NPCs and criminal players. The Black City will have guard NPCs, walls, doors, ect.. The longer the bad players can keep the city from getting destroyed the notoriety they gain. If the city is wiped out it will respawn in a few days in another location and the swarm is reset.


Idea #10


Add bounties to the Reputation system. Have the Royals put bounties on the people with bad Reputations. The people at the top will have HUGE bounties. Add in stuff like in Idea #9 that will allow bad players to build their Notoriety and the larger the notoriety the larger the bounty. Don’t make the bounties loot or silver as that will just be gamed. Make it some sort of Legend ranking system or another name like I talked about during the Lord vs Lord idea.


Idea #11


Let GvGs, City fights, and even castles be decided by 1vs1. It happened in the old days and ya want to make it as real as possible. Allow both sides to send one Champion to determine the outcome if both parties agree to it.


Idea #12


PvP Draft Mode - This can be 5v5, 10v10, 15v15, 20v20, ect. Have a special arena in the Outlands that runs Draft Mode. That makes 1 person the captain of each team. Then from the pool of available fighters they draft until all the players are picked. Then the two sides battle it out. Its like dodge ball from high school all over again but this time with weapons.

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