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It is time for another major update for our game albion online. Get ready for Mordrain, the adorable critter update. Upon your long journey in albion online you might have encountered several mobs of various types.

Albion Adorable Critter Update - the Mordrain

It is time for another major update for our game albion online. Get ready for Mordrain, the adorable critter update. Upon your long journey in albion online you might have encountered several mobs of various types. Even with the large monster varity inside of the game, defeating them over and over might turn out boring and dull. Worry not cause with the new update we got you covered.


New Features:


  Random spawn locations of mobs, within a larger area, that reacts too the player behavior


  Randomized colourscheme of monsters, befitting for the biomes


  Random monster abilities for more diversity


  Upgrade of the dungeon map generator


The first major change you going to whitness will be monster spawn behavior. As you might know the monster spawn behavior was very straight forward, each monster group has a deisgnated area where they spawn, patroul, aggro and respawn when killed. With the new update those areas will grow significantly. That means that groups of mobs have more room to spawn at different locations. Fear not we do have an allgorithm that prevents mob groups spawning too close too each other, they still might patroul into each other though. Additionaly we left the aggro range where it is. Last we implemented special monsters that spawn only if players are close and some other requirements are met.


Here is an example on how it will look:


If a player ventures out in an undead area and starts beating the unholy back into the ground, then the requirments for spawning a wraith soul are met. There will be a message warning the player during his battle, giving information on the arrival of the soul. The soul will spawn in close vicinity of the player seeking for revenge of its fallen comrades. It will immideatly attack, but once defeated there will be a chance for trohpies/faction-armor pendants or exploration cards.


Of course this is just one of many new mini-boss monster types that we introduce in the world of albion. Everyone with a different set of events, locations and loot. Good luck finding them!


Albion Adorable Critter Update - the Mordrain


The next change addresses the look of monster in the game. Especially of our adorable critters ribbit,rabbit, fox and co. You might have noticed that they all look the same, it doesn't matter where you encounter them. Originaly it should make destinguishing those creatures easier, but in the end it turned into a very repetetiv game experience. Thats why we have added a colourscheme for each of the critters and monster groups, beffiting of their faction and biome they are currently in. 


Fox here for example will now come in different red types, that change everytime he respawns, creating a more diverese wildlife. If you meet him in the snowy mountains you'll find him with a greyish hair colour and so on. Same goes for the faction mobs. We made sure that the weapons of the mobs are still cleary visiable, so that distinguishing them from each other is still easy.


The third change is the varity of monster skills inside of the game. Here in albion we are constantly updating the monsters and their abilities inside the game. We thought about how to create a even more diversity, without changing the monsters with each update, so we gladly introduce to you the monster ability palet. Each monster has a a base of three spells they get. Only exception are t1-t2 mobs, they have a smaller range of base skills. Obvisouly they are all randomized from our monster spell libary, while each monster type has its own spell section too choose from. This will result in different monster type behavior each time you encounter a new mob group. Additionaly we added a extra spell slot for elite mobs and another one for veteran mobs. This will turn every PvE run into a thrilling experience, with a larger variety of spells to counter/encounter.


Last but not least, we decided to upgrade the dungeon/portal spawn generator. Instead of spawning a fixed dungeon everytime, you know should encounter a random generated area. For now we only have small diversity for each type of portal/dungeon, but with more time we will further increase the map generating/building parts, thus making those areas more enjoyable and less repetetiv.

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