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There's no perfect 'bounty hunting' feature in any mmo (even Eve's which still influenced this system) since there are always some ways to exploit it.

Albion Bounty Hunting Feature Exploring

There's no perfect 'bounty hunting' feature in any mmo (even Eve's which still influenced this system) since there are always some ways to exploit it. I've seen some of the bounty suggestions here on forum but actually none of them explained exactly how to eliminate possible abuse. Working on this feature I set 2 principles that should meet the requirements of working and balanced bounty hunting feature:


killing wanted players should reward the bounty hunters with highest silver amount possible

wanted players cannot exploit the feature to gain more albion online silver than they lose upon death



you may place a bounty on any player you want, bounties stack

the minimal bounty you can place is 1000 silver

to place a bounty you have to visit 'Bounty Hunters Office' (BHO) located in every city or if you were killed you can place a bounty via 'kill report'

after you placed a bounty the player name and bounty is shown on the board in the BHO



it's located in every city and all are connected/share the same data

you may place a bounty in the BHO

you may check wanted players board, ranking based on current bounty

you may check bounty hunters board, ranking based on total bounty reward received

you may check BH gear and buy it if you have required items and silver

you may check list of local wanted players - wanted players that are currently in the city

every hour you may take a quest who send you to kill certain wanted player who is online (6h timer or more) - have not thought much about it but it would be cool if some bounty hunters could compete to kill the same wanted player within limited time to get some additional bounty reward



you may check your or other players bounty also in their 'stats' by clicking on avatar

when wanted player bounty reaches 100k silver, 'wanted' ribbon is shown on his avatar and little silver coin appears above his head

when wanted player bounty reaches 1 mln silver, he's got different 'wanted' ribbon and little albion online gold coin appears above his head, in addition city guards attack wanted players on sight (bounty over 1 mln)


Albion Bounty Hunting Feature Exploring



the bounty is sent directly to your account after you kill wanted player

the silver is taken from the total bounty pool the wanted player has

for every bounty reward over 5000 you receive 1 Bounty Hunter Certificate you may collect and exchange for unique albion online items in BHO

the amount of bounty you receive may not be equal to the full bounty the wanted player has to prevent abusing the system



bounties cannot be exploited by collecting the bounty after your friend kills you because the system calculates how much silver it can give max based on the loss in gear durability/gear break

we use salvage silver return (25% silver return of current item value) as a referance

After killing wanted player the gear takes durability loss. BH receives 25% of dropped gear current item value in silver (salvage silver return), so for example:

Wanted player has full durability gear with total 10000 item value, BH kills him and the gear loses 30% durability, currently the dropped gear item value = 7000. If you would like to salvage the gear it would return you 25% of current item value = 1750 silver - that's your bounty for killing wanted player with 10000 item value that lost 30% durability on death. That way it's not profitable for wanted player to use even low tier, cheap gear to collect the bounty himself because salvaging the gear would give him exact silver + resources!

bounty higher than the value of salvage may cause it to be more profitable than salvaging the gear

but what about when the item breaks? how to calculate the silver BH may get for thrashed gear:

An item may break if the durability is low and the durability loss on death is higher than current durability. And there's a chance that an item may break despite the durability. Wanted players may exploit it that way they wear low durability gear so it breaks giving them more silver than the cost of salvage. To prevent it we have to set low silver bounty for low durability item if it breaks:

If item durability equals or is lower than 50% and the item breaks, the bounty is calculated based on the salvage value of the item durability before it broke. For example:

Item with total 1000 item value has 50% durability so the current value of the item is 500. The item breaks on death giving the same amount of silver as it was salvaged = 25% of 500, bounty = 125 silver.

But what if an item has high or max durability and it breaks? The chance to break is low and the wanted player cannot foresee if the item may break so in this case if high durability item breaks we can reward BH with high silver bounty:

If item durability is higher than 50% and the item breaks, the bounty = 100% of the item value (NOT salvage value) before it broke. So for example:

Item with total 1000 item value has 80% durability, so the current value of the item is 800. The item breaks on death giving the same amount of silver as the 80% of the total silver value, bounty = 800 silver.



you gain 100 fame in the BH tree for killing wanted player

1000 fame in BH tree unlocks: T4.3 Bounty Hunter weapon and armor set

3000 fame in BH tree unlocks: T5.3 Bounty Hunter weapon and armor set + BH avatar

9000 fame in BH tree unlocks: T6.3 Bounty Hunter weapon and armor set + BH avatar ring

27000 fame in BH tree unlocks: T7.3 Bounty Hunter weapon and armor set + Bounty Hunter mansion - unique looking player house



weapons: every weapon available, unique skin, +10% increased damage vs wanted players

armor: every piece of armor available, unique skin, each piece +50% increased BH fame gain for killing wanted players

cape: unique skin

you have to unlock corresponding weapon/armor and tier + quality to use the gear (for example to unlock T4.3 Bounty Hunter Longbow you gotta unlock T4.3 Longbow first) - same as with quest/faction gear

BH trophies: unique-looking trophies with same attributes as others

BH mount?

every item costs silver + Bounty Hunter Certificates you received by killing wanted players



is it a good idea to let players place bounty on anyone they want? Can that be abused and if yes, how?

should the bounty system work with some advanced flagging system so you may place bounties on 'criminals' only?

should the bounty reward be shared among every player who participated in the killing of wanted player or only for the player who dealt the killing blow?

what do you think about the anti-abuse system and the bounty rewards?

how about bounty hunter destiny board progression and the BH gear?

should wanted players be able to check who placed bounty on them?

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