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Just wanted to provide some feedback to the current guild systems you have in place and provide some suggestions for improvements.

Albion Guild Management Suggestions

Greetings Devs,


Just wanted to provide some feedback to the current guild systems you have in place and provide some suggestions for improvements. Just recently I inherited the GM position of my guild and have found some challenges and room for improvement.


1. Please add days offline to the members roster, it would be nice to know who is the least active (Cleaning the roster you don't want to boot someone that was on just last week). We recently hit 300 members and cleaning out the roster is difficult as I am new to the GM role and was not there at the guilds beginning.. Would greatly assist guilds in cleaning out dead members and maintain more accurate numbers if we could see last date they logged in.


Albion Guild Management Suggestions


2. Guild communication.. If there is a way to do this I would love to know how... I want to be able to send an in game e-mail to the members of my guild. This will help me keep them up to day and make communication much easier..


3. Guild Islands... Virtually useless.. Make the Island mean something... How you say? By making personal Islands mean less. Why would anyone go to guild island when they have everything at there finger tips on there own island.. Personal Islands should have 4 to 5 building plots + farms. This would allow those people to have a house and if they make leather armor, have hunters weapon lodge and hide tanner plus 1 other building or so. They should be able to have there primary living set up on personal island but have to go else where if they require something else. It is ridiculous that a t6 personal island gives more and is so much cheaper to have then a full guild island which is expensive and doesn't give much else except an extra bank.


4. Give my guild a reason to go to black.. Why would we go there? I can get it all from yellow with no risk.. The only draw for black zone is T7 and T8 resources which exist in what 8 zones total.. That puts them in the hands of 2 guilds and leaves the rest to rely on chests. My guild is sitting in 6.3 and rotting for months and we wont go to black because there isn't the resources we require to prosper. Make T8 possible in all black zones and T7 more readily available in black and guilds might actually go there to get it. Right now all the zones 85% of black zone provide up to T6 resources and no higher and we can get those with out risk in yellow zones.


Thank you,

Valcin (GM Frozen Conquest)

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