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I do not want to even start with all the guild leaders and key members going to milk average playerbase to build immense wealth

Albion market system is structured that already lead to big abuse

Definitely agree that they need to improve how things work and give some more info, but I beg to differ that the tool shouldn't guide too much, which could lead to an over-use of it, and higher usage means pushing buy sell orders flipping so low not only in local market but also across the whole in the long term, making it dull once the novelty disappear and the meta moves to the high end, save for occasional tries to destabilising the market in certain groups within the itemisation.  


By the way 2 million silver (if you are talking about silver is pretty much nothing with trading) I have made several times you figure with 30min-1hour a day, and I do not even own a OX, and on t2 gear and use very basic flipping to test the LP System (but I'm likely faster than a ocr bot on a good day at analysing things and do orders, I can probably analyse and put an order within 4 secs each, perhaps 2-3 with very familiar items/towns even with the cluncky interface). There are people with lots of initial gold (rewards or purchased), headstart, no-life mode and knowledge that are probably sitting on several 100s millions silver by now (or silver equivalent between gear/materials and so forth).


Albion market system is structured that already lead to big abuse


In this game it's all about getting there first, the first ones on every step of the progression that play the market well are going to be billionaires (silver) within months at release, starting with headstart gold flipping, to mount selling and so forth until market stabilise months down the line on the top end, the the low end worth nearly to nothing.

But this will depend also on how popular will be automating the market in the botting circles at release, the game has a pretty low population and therefore RMT so it's not going to be too of an interesting fish for serious ones to get into, but still small time ones might be interested during the first couple of months due to hype/viability and depending on their targets.


In conclusion, yes it looks like easy money during the first week or 2, but to see the whole picture wait at least 6 months after release, and you will see that between the lack of limitations for buy/sell orders and the very streamlined and easy to follow itemisation system, people will have the chance to undercut continuously across every item, until buy sell orders will differ of 1-2 silver, following similar situation like gold/silver together with similar prices between markets as it's relatively easy to move around, or setup chars in every town. At that point it's not going to be that profitable to play the market compared to any other active activities.


And you can bet OCR bots are going to silently help close the gap if anyone will try to destabilise the market in certain niches to maximise buy/sell speed, and get back to 1-2 silver arbitrage.


There are 2 things that might change that:

- introduction down the line of expansion that shakes the market in some ways, new items, new systems, new tiers...

- playerbase decrease to open up certain niches as they are not going to be tackled as much anymore, especially once the bots leave the initial hype for greener pastures (I did an experiment back to the AH in D3, bought loads of low level top performing legendaries for nothing when lots of people were farming them a lot, and resold months after for up x millions times more expensive, it was an interesting one back then :), on in other words bought for like 0.0001$ and resold for 30-50-100$ but diablo was a different game, the randomised stats were key to create a very interesting niche market where top stats were worth 1000s dollars.


But overall that's how it's going to work


And I do not want to even start with all the guild leaders and key members going to milk average playerbase to build immense wealth :)

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