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I did a post on some start up strategies not along ago, but these were aimed at the game how it was a month ago.

Albion New World Update: *Traders/Gathers/Islands/Property*

I did a post on some start up strategies not along ago, but these were aimed at the game how it was a month ago. With the new changes which have been openly announced the information I was providing was out dated. The following is my advice to new/veteran players who want to get a head start with crafting/gathering and potentially silver/trade.


Changes in Economy Trading/Buy orders


The new map layout has affected the economy in a colossus way the days have long gone where the biggest,richest, most successful traders could simply just teleport from city to city plundering all the nice juicy deals, collecting our nice juicy buy orders, while selling our wares across the entire world over the space of half an hour. Its time to learn how the ........ drum beat NEW WORLD works.


This "New World" is still as ever full of ways to be successful but there will be a key thought you need to have figured out before 1/8/16 (If beta2 remains on track), and that one MASSIVE key thing is


Map location I cant stress about how important this key point is! 


Here are some things to think about while picking your starting area and picking your "home" city.


With the new changes in Beta2 you can no longer teleport city to city with any kind of inventory. This means you have to run from city to city by foot or mount and let me tell you the new maps will leave you with blisters on your feet.


Depending on your starting area you have more/less of a particular resource, depending on which Biomes are near. For example swamp areas have a lot of trees/leather, snowy/mountains Biomes have rock/ore. So if your wanting to advance in a log based trade a starting area with Biomes with no log is going to cause you hours of pain, running back and to from the different starting areas.


Continuing on from this previous point, the value system of resources has also changed. With certain tiers of resources being un-attainable in the Outlands you see a increase in value within certain tiers. With the increase in map size there will be no shortage of resource nodes to collect from, its just a matter of how much can you carry and how much time have you got to travel with it.


Population, I hate to break it to you but this map is so big in terms of pure epic proportions. If you pick the wrong starting area you are going to find yourself settling down in a city which is 2-3 tiers behind all the rest. I would recommend having a sit down with your guild/friends and have a chat to see what you all want to do, and where you all want to go. As picking the wrong location will set you a few days behind the rest of the general population.


You need to have a think of whether you are going to focus on the short term dominance or think ahead to later game dominence, with the size of the map if you settle in the first city you get to. You will be fine for the next few tiers but a month into the game and you are going to be forced to either relocate your main city, or travel 5-6 maps to get your T6+ mats. As let me tell you not many people are going to be bothered to head back to a starting zone city to put their T6+ mats simple because of travelling time.


Back to Business You have just..


logged into Beta2 its your first day your excited, you have thought about what trading/gathering you want to do. My first tip to everyone starting with Legendary/Epic mounts is do not lose your ox, do not leave your ox behind, treat your ox with loving care, stroke it, feed it, worship it, DO NOT sell it.


My second tip is to i try to be able to make every kind of T2 tool and start gathering even if your not focused on gathering before you leave the starting city. My thought behind this is simple, with the new map changes its going to cause you the biggest ball/vagina ache ever to travel back to the starting area, possibly 30 mins - 2 hours a trip depending on the final city location you have selected. Plus these tools will also sell for a nice amount of albion online silver to all those people who wanted to rush out unprepared getting to the next city with no tools to use, this also means you can take advantage of the time you travelling by picking up T2-T3 resources, you want to aim to have filled your ox before reaching the next city.


My third tip is to have everything you need crafted before you set out of the starting areas, when the game starts everyone will be poor. And the people who do set up shops in city's outside the starting area will be wanting high short term returns. So expect 500+ percent building charges in the first few city's you arrive to, how do you avoid this? By using all the starting area shops/refiners until you have a decent set of armour, tools, some basic trading materials.


Albion New World Update: *Traders/Gathers/Islands/Property*


My fourth tip is to focus on one or two key trading/gathering/refining areas when you get to your "home" city, if its gathering make sure you check the map out and plan your resource routes, if its crafting keep an eye out on the starting costs of products/resources. Its going to be highly unpredictable early on but the trader who can spot a bargain is going to be the trader who stays on top. You also want to see what buildings are set up in your home city as if your a log gather for example, I would call you a fool if you didn't at least look into the prospect of refining your logs to planks. As this opens up two revenue streams instead of one, increase overall fame, and increases your usefulness as a crater/gatherer.


My fifth tip is to use your LP and Crafting Focus wisely this Beta2 might last for 3 months unlike the testing servers short term life, you don't want to waste your LP on thing's like gathering or crafting early on as resources are easy to come by. You only ever want to use these life changing points on times where you see a big opportunity. For example your the first person to create pies on the server, you know they are in high demand and might make you a few million silver, at this point it might be worth using your LP to net you a nice 20-40% return. Works with gathering to, you find some nice 4.3 resources which you know are selling for a tonne, use your crafting focus on refining those bad boys. Dont for the love of Albion use it on refining some T2 planks in the first hour of the game losing out on some good silver. 


Buy Orders

Buy orders are still a important part of the New World but you have to pick more wisely the city's in which you place them, as you have to travel by mount to pick up the awesomely cool cheap bargains you bought. I would recommend perhaps focusing on buy orders in your home city, and the next closest city you are able to travel to, remember time is silver guys.


Trading Channel


I would actually say the trade channel is now one of the most important tools a new trade/gather/refiner has, as trade is localised due to travel times/teleport changes, and knowing who can craft/gather/refine what in your area is going to make a difference on whether you are successful or not. As if your focusing on making sword but can only gather one of the resources you need, cant refine the resources you need, your left with either trading mats for mats, buying the mats on the market, and having to find someone to refine them for you, all made easier if you know the people who can do it.


Buying Property 


Your going to have some stiff competition in the busier city's if your planning on owning your own empire, the initial costs are anywhere from 60+k silver to 140k ish if im not mistaken. With gold being worth a pitiful 1:1 ratio at the start unless you are backed by some friends/guild then you are going to be left with the left over plots, if your a smaller property buyer I would actually recommend starting of in the city next to the starter zone. As most the big $$$ players will be strolling right through these city's to head to the big capital city's, while new players to the game are going to still use those starting city's as there first stop. I probably wouldn't bother levelling those shops any higher than t4 though due to the nature of the city.




This is where city location is massively important again, due to not being able to conveniently teleport to your favourite dungeons. You need to think through which city's are going to provide you with close enough dungeons to level in. This is important as you are going to have to travel over large maps if you want to actually keep your loot. Starting wise you want to hit as many dungeons as you can as silver is going to be a rarity over the first few days, try and get a team sorted now before the Beta2 is launched so you dont have down time in your levelling.


Buying/Selling Gold


This is a hard topic like my last post, there are positive and negatives to buying/selling albion gold.


If you are going to sell gold at the start though you need to make sure its for a big positive, I.e buying property, donating to guild, guild territories. If it's for any other reason you are pissing your assets down the drain. If you have spare silver at the start you want to be buying it whenever possible, as over the space of a week you will of probably made 50-100 times return on your gold if your buying it for below 10 on first day.


Personal island might be a valid reason to sell your gold, as its a recurring source of income for you if your growing crops/animals.

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