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To the contrary I thought Trammel was a way to ignore a problem, not a fix for it. It was the same sort of band-aid that Aion pulled when they added the alternate server and many other games have pulled.

Albion Online - the Consequences For Ganking Lower Level Players

To the contrary I thought Trammel was a way to ignore a problem, not a fix for it. It was the same sort of band-aid that Aion pulled when they added the alternate server and many other games have pulled. When the need to create a place free from PvP becomes a choice your game faces it's not because there's too many casuals or non-pvp players. There's never “too many” players, especially if the developers desire is a successful game that makes money. It's a sign your PvP system is weak and lacking sufficient motivation to play with any code of conduct. Now if you're after a small niche group of people and do not desire a growing audience for your game then there's nothing wrong with that, I'd just state so clearly to reduce the ranting.


Trammel may have been a bad decision in U.O. but it was one they made under duress. The game was already dying with every game review site trashing it's horrible ganking system and new players bailing within a day of newbie status wearing off. I played U.O. for seven years and I can tell you that although U.O. had a LOT of problems that led to it's demise those problems started with it's "lack of" PvP. It was honestly boring, unrewarding and left no real motivation for anyone to participate those that simply liked killing other players for the fun of it. Everyone experienced in loot-all PvP knows the real pro pvp player will travel light and if you're lucky enough to best them, you'll likely get nothing but some nearly worthless crafted gear. They'll do most of their ganking near their homes or near borders between PvP & non-PvP zones and will run to the non-PvP to tuck things away the moment they get a good score.


Any free for all unstructured PvP platform that supports open ganking of new players will fail or be forced to change. I'm not talking about “brand new” out of the box players either, I'm talking about players that first enter PvP unless your PvP system is end game only. The reason it hasn't been really been done in a capacity that people know about since legacy U.O. is because it was a horrible idea. Any game will in time develop powerful high level players, many of which will be in high level PvP guilds. I've been on both sides of that method of play many times. Especially when high level PvPers get bored or just happen to be someone obnoxious that enjoys ganking newbies it happens in every mmo that allows it. Even when WoW had open PvP in vanilla it originally had a DK system that hurt high level players enough they were often deterred from ganking lowbies. When that system was taken away, world PvP died. Any PvPer that played Vanilla WoW would tell you when they changed the original system World PvP forever sucked afterwards.


Albion Online - the Consequences For Ganking Lower Level Players


U.O. also had a bad guild system that was also pretty worthless. This however in itself presents another problem. With good guild systems and organized PvP there will be a guild on top that will become the best PvP guild. Every game has these, they're the ones real PvPers start to look for before considering joining any startup guild. Those guilds quickly dominate open world PvP to a level where depending on everyone being able to kill everyone as your "balance" won't apply to them.

When open PvP results in max level players freely squashing players that first enter PvP zones that becomes what they feel PvP is about. It ruins their sense of PvP and makes them quit the game. Personally I'd much rather those players enjoy PvP so end game PvP has meaning and actual people participating in it. I've survived in games with brutal PvP, the variable is always whether the game survives.


I loved U.O. and still went back to check it out from time to time until EA got their hands on it. I lived and my guild was on Felucca. Felucca was dead, not because of Trammel but because it's pvp system sucked and wasn't fun for 90% of the game. There was no structure, no rewards, no PvP prizes or PvP gear to work towards. No goals like to take control of something, no games, and no reward. Original U.O. did not have a "PvP" system, it was nothing more than an open ganking platform in a game that lacked any real PvP. That drove new players away in mass numbers. Anyone that considers hanging around zones where unsuspecting new players might wonder so they can gank people significantly weaker than them to be PvP is delusional and I would argue they're more than likely compensating for their lack of ability to PvP on any equal level. I still to this day have never been able to see how anyone could think hunting for "miners" was PvP either. The consequences for ganking in PvP was sad at best, especially if you had alts with multiple builds like I did. I myself got my murder count high many times in which case afterwards I would go to my house with the door locked use the auto click macro in my mouse to keep me from going afk.


If there's rewards for PvP and they're worth it more people will PvP. If there's a system to “encourage” people not to gank than less people will do it but only if the risk is enough to make them care. If I can max my character out and hang near the spots where people will have to enter PvP for the first time and gank them without consequences I assure you there will be a line of people competing for the opportunity and many of them will avoid a fair fight, usually by going in and out of PvP zones or having groups they can run to. People with Albion Online Silver/Gold name plates will be high priority targets, more so the Albion Online Gold ones because they are less likely to have a house and have their stuff put away.


I didn't ask because I wanted to bash open world PvP. I love open world PvP but no one loves ganking except those that do it. To those that played U.O. and had the task of working off your “red” which once again meant nothing really most fail to see the other side. I've got about 20 or so R/L friends and family members I often game with. Some of them aren't so good at PvP. That doesn't mean they won't, but they don't play games where all they get is ganked. I would love to have a game on Linux I can bring my friends to, so I ask the questions I do looking for that, no other reason.

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