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I play around 2 - 4 hours a day total when I can. Usually Gathering/Crafting, I rarely PVP, but I do enjoy a battle every now and then.

Albion Online: a 90/10 PVE/PVP, funny?

I play around 2 - 4 hours a day total when I can. Usually Gathering/Crafting, I rarely PVP, but I do enjoy a battle every now and then.


There are tons of things I like about the game, but I want to talk about longevity of play. I asked myself why do I play and what could make the experience better for my play style (PVE/Gathering/Crafting). I think most would call me a carebear/casual, but the game would quickly die if not for this class of players. Here are my thoughts to making the game play more exciting for us which in turn give PVP players and guilds more bodies to target.


Albion Online: a 90/10 PVE/PVP, funny?


1) Random gear drops off mobs. It can be a very small percent with a chance of something extra special on par with the level of the mob. Looting is always fun especially when you don't know what may drop.


2) Bring back territories to red and yellow zones (I believe this is coming back). These zones with territories encourage PVP for people that normally don't. In previous BETA I would always join someone in my guild in a yellow or red zone fighting. This also encourages people to GTF out of the city and the zones nearby. I believe this would also fix the food problem. Just to much of it on the markets in royal islands and drive prices down. Black zones aren't for everyone.


3) Remove the criminal reputation (maybe make it where someone is killing to much in yellow/red zones they become fatigued and their stats temporarily drop to some percent). Right now, most people who don't PVP and would like to will lose the rep they have if they flag up. So they don't. What is that for anyway?


4) If person on a horse is attacked, they should be able to retaliate by dismounting if they want to with no cool down. Anyone on a mule/ox/horse that can't get away is toast and free loot to a pvp person. This discourages gathering in high risk sections.


5) World events would be nice. Something that brings the nearby community together for a battle royal or some shit.


6) Fishing. OMG! I would be in high risk zones all the time!


7) Hidden random stashes, random treasure maps that fall off of mobs. Want people to explore/take risks and make it fun.. there is away. Placing a treasure chest in the middle of a PVP circle with a timer is just boring (and will not attract people who think they have very little chance to get it).


8) Maybe look at specializing some of the jobs we have that everyone can do. Like enchantment/husbandry/alchemy/cooking. I think it helps the economy more to allow people to specialize. your character chooses one (or two) and gray out the other specialization trees on the board.


9) Not sure why the decision was made not allow teleportation with gear ONLY. I think this should be available in cities at a cost. You still have to pack up goods and travel the hard way. Going further, I believe higher tier mages should have a portal ability that can do the same to nearby cities. More mobility for groups to move around means more activity around the area. For instance, I live in a Yellow Zone but I want to do a Black Zone instance. For that I have to travel 10 or more squares...15 minutes? Forget it! Portal/Fast travel to nearby city with gear only and go play.


10) housing is really small and limited, I believe any expansion (furniture/decor) would be a plus.


11) Fame should be a pool of points you can gain by doing almost anything. Then train it in the tree where ever you want. This way you are not locked down to doing certain things to gain certain abilities. I can farm/gather and use those fame points to train that T4 sword I wanted.

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