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Hi, Albion Online fans, I am Dalby, the Guest Writer of, this time we are going to talk about the Horse Balance in game, some players believe that Horse are already broken, and request Sandbox Interactive to fix it!

Albion Online: Are Horses Broken?

Hi, Albion Online fans, I am Dalby, the Guest Writer of, this time we are going to talk about the Horse Balance in game, some players believe that Horse are already broken, and request Sandbox Interactive to fix it! But I have different oopinions about this, let me share my personal epxerience about Horses:


The numbers I used are averages from the last time I had to re-gear, which was 2-3 weeks ago. At that time, T7 armored horses were 699-725K and T6 armored horses were 220K-240K. That they've fallen in price so quickly likely reflects a general rapid decline in the beta's population over the last few weeks. Exactly what gathering gear and T6 or T7 armored horses (and other gathering equipment) will cost after launch -- when Caerleon is the clear central hub and hopefully the population is vastly larger -- can't be known with certainty, but there's little doubt that gathering T6 and above will require a significant outlay. If you can get ganked frequently by solo players, the risk v. reward isn't going to add up. I'm also surprised people think as a gather you can use a low tier weapon. The time you're most vulnerable as a gatherer is when you're fighting a mob; if a ganker appears, the mob can interrupt a re-mount and prevent you from getting to gallop when you do re-mount. Killing mobs quickly is essential to avoid being ganked. Finally, if you think my set-up is a luxury, please tell me what you think gatherers should wear when they're farming T6.


Albion Online: Are Horses Broken?


Comparing gathering now to what it will be like on launch is an apples to oranges comparison. Yes, right now the population is low so gatherers have their choice of full nodes and encounter few gankers. If Albion has a successful launch, the population will be much higher. That means more gatherers, and thus more competition over resources, as well as more gankers running around. Two to four weeks ago when I was farming in the black zone and before the recent population decline, I'd encounter a solo ganker or duo gankers about every 25-30 minutes (larger groups were more rare). If the idea is that I'm supposed to die every other time I encounter a solo ganker (which means I'm basically always dead to two or more gankers), I'd be dying and losing hundreds of thousands of albion online silver every hour. What's the point in gathering then? And again, after launch and assuming a much larger population, I'll be encountering gankers much more often.


As for the argument that gankers can't do what they want (i.e., easily gank gatherers) because horses are too good, guess what? Even if horses were changed the way you like, you still wouldn't be able to play the way you want, because gatherers would avoid areas where they could be ganked. Gatherers do not have any interest in being sitting ducks that are supposed to die any time they encounter a single player who fancies himself to be a good PvPer. Gatherers will try to join large guilds or alliances with lots of territory so they can be near back-up and watchtowers. Those that can't do that will largely stick to yellow zones, or simply stop playing. 


In short, my opinion is that the current set-up is balanced. If a gatherer is paying attention, he shouldn't be ganked by a single player or probably even two players. But against three or more gankers, there's a real risk of dying. Likewise, for gankers some organization is required. You can't just log in and go out by yourself to kill someone and make a few hundred thousand albion silver (though, as said before, if ganking were easy the gatherers wouldn't be there). Instead, to get those returns you'll need a friend or two (or more) and some skill and coordination.


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