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This should be added so people get something from leveling a destiny other than just going further into that destiny.

Albion Online: Holy Grail of Ideas

This should be added so people get something from leveling a destiny other than just going further into that destiny.


If I can make novice plate armor, I should have a title that would let people know I can do so, same for if I could make a higher tier.


Like it was said in the Albion Video "If you want something, you know that's the guy to get it from" .. how are we suppose to know who that guy is if we don't know who does what.


Poorly edited example, instead of actual titles maybe we could have rings to show people what skill we are best at...


Albion Online: Holy Grail of Ideas



1. With the game being on a variety of platforms (iPads, and in my case a Surface Pro) , I think adding WASD movements would be a good Idea.

For me, when I play on my surface, I have to use a pen, which means i am always clicking on my screen. I could use a mouse, but I do enjoy playing on the fly and don't always have one.

When I play on my desktop, I use my Razor Naga and can play with one had, but after a while, I wish I could switch to the other hand, move with wasd, and all my skills would be 1-4, Q E, etc.


2. Auto run would also be a nice feature. While moving you are able to hit a button that just keeps your character running. Holding down the left mouse button for long periods can get old really fast.



When gathering its annoying when trees are in the way of something, or players are crowded around an npc. If we could rotate the camera, that would be supper helpful.


Perhaps not change the camera, just make things see through when they are in the way of the camera. like so..


Albion Online: Holy Grail of Ideas



I love the game sound, but am sick of hearing all the mount noises in town. Should add more sound options like Music, Combat, Players, etc. to mute several different things to hear what we want an mute what we don't.



Can I get a Friends list or nah.



It is really hard to run 5mans at T3 when there is not much for aggro. I think Tanks should be able to hold aggro more effectively, weather its a general higher aggro ratio buff, or a skill that allows it.



Please for the love of all that is Albion, add a repair all button.



the bottom of our screens shows 3 destiny we are progressing in, I think we should be able to Favorite or Mark 3 that we want to watch. Yes you can pick certain categories, but I just want to see a certain few.


Auto Dismount:

when on your mount, an you go to get that ore over there, we should automatically dismount to get it, its a small thing that will make the game a bit easier to play.


UI Config:

I know this is a stretch due to iOS and Tablet gamers, but I think we should be able to move our UI around, I prefer my skills on the bottom of the screen.

Think about tablet gamers who are left handed, it may not be as easy for them to get to skills or bags, guides, etc.

just a thought.



With Albion, you really get a feel for your character ingame. What better way to become more attached to who you are in Albion than be able to Laugh when someone tells a joke, or cry when a party member dies.

Or most importantly, dance when you AFK.


Bank Tabs:

With many professions, it would be nice to be able to divide all our stuff accordingly.


Auto Deposit:

With a simple Shift Click, or a Double Click, we could move something to and from our banks, its annoying having to drag it each time.

Especially when its a bunch of boots that I just crafted  


Crafting All:I do not mind how long it takes to learn to craft, say.. T4 Plate armor for example. Lets make up a number, say it takes 50,000 Fame of crafting JUST plate boots T3 to learn T4 boots. You than have to do this for T4 Chest and T4 Helms. I would rather have a option to craft one of those 3 an a little Fame goes to each one, so I unlock them all at the same time. So instead of 50k +50k +50k I could just aim for 150k an all would be done. Again, this could be an option in the crafting table. This is just something I would like to use, but I can see why others wouldnt want this.


Ox for Storage:

when you are on your ox, they are less than 20% full, but when on your feet, you cant move. you should be able to mount your Ox, move stuff into those 2 GIANT bags on either side, so on your feet you are still nimble. Its not fun to mine stuff an only be able to move when mounted.



Two ways this can be done,

1. Click a Button which enables your mouse to than be a hammer (or your finger if you are on a tablet), which you can than just click on the gear you want to salvage. Than add an option to give us a warning or not.

2. the salvage window lets you drag over more than one piece of gear (20 or so) an than hit a salvage all button.


Gather Range:

Please increase the gather range just slightly, cause sometimes you are closer than you think on your mount, when you are one step away.

when you are over burdened, its annoying to mount up and dismount for 1 step.


Auction Search:

just add a Clear button please, simple thing to make it nice.

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