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since I did a fair amount of testing regarding the laborers - here is my feedback

Albion Online: How to Improve the Laborers

since I did a fair amount of testing regarding the laborers - here is my feedback


the idea in general

get free resources by using a slight "detour" (getting/filling/feeding books)

This is additional content, improving efficiency (of getting resources) - whats not to like about it


the balancing


for gatherer: it takes a while to get them to t7 or t8, but reward you very well for that.

(^sounds fair so far - the higher the tier, the better the rewards... gathering 25 t8-nodes to get 8 t8-resources for free? sign me up^^)


for crafters/crafting-books:

tier2: easy to fill, not that many resources - on pair with gathering-laborers when it comes to getting t2

tier3: easy to fill with on-mass-available 5.2/5.3 - rewarding a huuge amount of already refined t3 - seems a bit too much

tier4: easy to fill with on-mass-available 5.3/6.2 - rewarding a lot of "crap"(considering the game-progress after already like 5 days)

tier5: somewhat more challanging to fill - but still doable. reward a lot of "useless" t5

tier6: you have to use up like 160 6.2 resources or 40 6.3 resources, to fill a book that rewards you with up to 110 6.1(=trash), 10x 6.2 and 1 or 2x 6.3...basically you get ~5% back and a lot of trash

tier7: 40 7.2 used to get up to 27 7.1 (=useable) and ~3 7.2... basically you get <10% back and some less useful, but still descent resources

tier8: 40 8.1 used to get up to 5-8 of that 8.1...basically you get 25% back

(^basically you either use them on Tier3, or push up to tier7/tier8 - everything inbetween seems just not appropriate. too much of that "useless" flat stuff which only gets descent/usefull at tier7/tier8)


Albion Online: How to Improve the Laborers


the tinker-laborer rewarding only flat resources seems outdated - since we craft enchanted bags/capes and soon maybe tools aswell - add some enchanted resources to his loot-table. if you want to keep him rewarding flat, then fix his fame-progression (other laborers get enchanted resources, therefore progress faster then this guy, who only finds flat resources)


the mercenary-laborer

is a good silver-source.

I dont have them on mass - but i think the major issue here is taking those tons of books with you (its out in the wilderness where you also need bagspace for new loot, and you would prefere several of t3 books over 2-3 high-tiered ones)

also - according to the data, their reward got a slight anomaly...they reward silver at 100% efficiency somewhere: 6000, 8300, 10k, 9200, 8400, 8300, 10k throughout the tiers... maybe fix it, so the higher tiers actually give more silver^^.


initial costs/startup/Laborers in general

getting those laborers ready is a very annoying process.

While the laborers themselves are really usefull in a descent amount - getting that "descent" amount of laborers (>10) ready is a huge blockade that pushes away interested people.

I myself have (almost) no problem utilizing those books on daily basis, but the thought of building several houses, furnituring them with everything necessary all over again after each wipe - thats just too much.



let us move them between buildings on the same island - or even better, allow us to pick them up (as we do with cows/horses) and also trade them [i know, that would officially make them "slaves" and slave-trading is bad and so on... figure something out that makes you feel right about it - call them "personal private contractor" or sth. like that]

those guys being trade-able would open up another market, which would contribute to socializing and stuff - feels like you would want that.


(since they´re "unique" - it sounds slightly more difficult to make them to general "items" to pick them up/trade with them - limit/change them in such a way, so they become tradeable)

(uhh-great alternative/idea: give us a way to "siphon" their experience and paste it on another laborer.)

just figure something out, so i can move my high-lvled laborers/their level to another location/other laborer.



when they´re set on "guild" in access rights and get upgraded/lvled up - they say "no permission" ... until you claim them and refresh those access rights.

also, upon lvl-up, they show full happiness/effectiveness - even though they did not charge up to the new furniture-tier. either fix that counter/show the timer, or make them instant-increase the happiness to the right amount on lvl-ups



the general concept: run around having those boys in your bag and profit! - good

improvement: make that sh!t stackable!

There is nothing more annoying then running around with the inventory filled with empty/full books.

Make it have like up to 3 stacks per kind of book: 1 empty stack, 1 book thats currently being filled/partially-filled, 1 stack of filled books.

it still needs inventory-space if you have different kinds of books, but for the guys that focus on specific books/use 30+ of the same book that'd be a huge help.



alternative: remove the "maximum"-cap from the books, but make the laborer use/take only that limited chunk of experience from that book.

If it was up to me, I´d replace the different kinds of books with 1 universal journal - call it a "diary" or sth. like that.

It would track/count all the fame-progress for different activities you do - and you can share it with a laborer, so he takes out that specific fame(-progress) and puts it to use.

if you die - the journal gets dropped as the current books do, so there is still that slight risk. it would generally just save up a lot of bagspace and help with the overview.


another minor issue:

opened book seem to have a priority when it comes to gaining fame.

e.g. if I have 1 opened t6 book and 1 empty t7 book and gather some t7-resource - the progress counts towards that partially-finished t6-book and NOT the empty t7 one.

thats pretty dumb, considering you would want that rare resource to count towards the more interesting book^^ (if you didnt want the t7 book to get filled, just drop it/leave it in a chest)

plz tweak that priority-list aswell^^



the additional furniture that makes the residents happier? why not.


maybe add some monster-trophies as rare-drops, which would significantly increase the happiness or sth. like that.

fix the hide-trophies/mercenary-trophies boosting all the other laborers. its a small issue, but its still a "bug". also, it says "up to 2", but still works for several laborers (even though it gets devided... either way - fix the discription or the functionality)




@ devs,

pleease tell me, that the laborers get a slight rework somewhere before release.


at least those minor issues like bagspace needed for tons of books - fixing it would greatly improve quality of that content

"trading" laborers sounds like a few more lines of code, but would help that sandbox-feeling (moving the laborers instead of simply abandoning them when they´re stationed somewhere far away)


(i know, i could just tag every single developer at this point to get their attention, but its probably annoying for them - and since its not every day you get feedback on laborers - I hope the right kind of people at least bother replying some "sure, we´ll think about it" or "already got [other]ideas" or "got better things to do")

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