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I've been playing this game for about 5 days now non-stop and am absolutely loving it! although, I've been doing quite a lot of research into the combat aspect of the game and thought id give some feedback on features id like to see added/improved.

Albion Online: How to Make Combat More Rewarding

I've been playing this game for about 5 days now non-stop and am absolutely loving it! although, I've been doing quite a lot of research into the combat aspect of the game and thought id give some feedback on features id like to see added/improved.


Here is a list of the things id like to see-


-A quick/smart cast option would be amazing. allowing spells such as blinks to go to the cursor without having to click would allow for much faster reactionary play. (with a toggle of course)


-More precise targeting system: a bigger pointer or area that can be clicked on when targeting enemies. i don't know if i'm just bad, but I've been really struggling to click targets and in a lot of cases i end up running into melee range of them. This is a hundred times harder when your target is moving too.... i find this really frustrating when playing a ranged character as the initial targeting can really mess up your ability to keep distance.


-On the subject of kiting, i think movespeed in general is too high in contrast to attack speed. As soon as your ranger or mage pulls aggro all they can do is run, i'm finding it extremely hard to weave attacks in between movement when kiting melees. If their movement speed was lowered, but their damage, crowdcontrol and tankiness was increased, I believe this would make movement and mechanical skill way more rewarding and increase the skill-cap. it would also allow for more strategic diversity in PVP such as surrounding and flanking would be much more necessary, while rewarding wiser use of gap closers. It would also make peel classes with knockbacks and movespeed enhancers such as arcane mages much more viable.


Albion Online: How to Make Combat More Rewarding


-More skillshots and short range dashes in order to dodge: again i think PVP and PVE would feel much more satisfying if it rewarded movement and dodging more. Skillshot stuns could have more part in the game as a way to close a gap rather than the current huge movespeed.


-Give supportive/peel classes more options to cleanse their allies of cc (though not a short cooldown). with more cleanse options, uncleansed cc could be made to be more punishing.



- peel in form of knockabacks would become more valuable.

- crowdcontrol, lockdown and tankiness for melee classes could be buffed, while giving supportive classes more to do than just spam heal.

- reward the positioning and mechanical skill of dps classes and healers.

- add strategic diversity/team coordination in the form of flanking, chain cc and focus

- reward tanks for making good use of their gap closer.


Just few ideas, thanks for reading!

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