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The Claymore is getting a buff after the update, but the broadsword is not. Currently, I have a very viable build with a Claymore.

Albion Online: If Broadsword not Viable

The Claymore is getting a buff after the update, but the broadsword is not. Currently, I have a very viable build with a Claymore. Soldiers Helm with stone skin, Hunters Chest with haste, and Assassin's shoes with dodge roll. With passives being Reflect, speed, and speed respectively.


Then I started testing out the other swords, glaive and Broadsword. The Glaive as a lot of control over any fight, very powerful weapon. But then there is the broadsword, which has the same E as Claymore but also a different one giving a good defense and speed buff, for 5 seconds. With a 20 cool down.


Already like all .1 weapons, the Q and W are way underpowered for the Fame they require compared to the same Fame needed for .2 and .3, and now the E does no damage. This limits the possible damage for broadsword a lot since the other E, Mighty Blow, does limited damage, requires many stacks even for the low damage, and is next to impossible to land on a moving target, and hitting two targets at once? Good luck XD.


Also, it does not sync well with Hunter's Haste because it does't have the bleed passive or good Auto Attacks. I have made a build that is somewhat ok, but the sword is mostly just there along with my build. I could easily switch it with almost any 1h albion items. And every time I am in a party, everyone groans about my weapon, I just want to be able to enjoy all the weapons in the game, and right now, I am trying to develop builds for all 3 of the different swords. So that is what is wrong, I have a few ideas on how to fix it, but please give me feedback, I am not as good at game designing as you guys. XD 


Maybe along with the stackable 10% speed boost from both Q's after the update, add a stackable damage buff for all attacks for only on .1 for about 6%. I would say 5%, but 15% max buff isn't that that much, 18% sounds nice, but numbers are adjustable.


Now, as I can see it, .1 sword is a lot about buffs with CC combos, like an iron will, hamstring, heroic strike buff combo, it is really fun, but currently, there is no reason to use hamstring over interrupt, the hamstring does about 60 less damage than Interrupt at t8.1 with interrupt being the more viable choice anyways in both PvE and PvP, as this is not a weapon that can stop fleeing enemies effectively, and hamstring in PvE is not helpful at all.


I think adding a small bleed to hamstring for .1 broadsword every second might help give some damage back to the .1 sword. I am not thinking a huge bleed, as it is only a 10 second cool down. My idea was maybe a 70-80 damage bleed per second for 4 or 5 seconds on the hamstring at t8 broadsword.


This way, players who have Teleport or many similar spells and buffs to get away, (many players in GvG use teleport) can get away, but not without receiving a some damage, most likely 100-150 (if the numbers are around what i suggested, but these numbers are just a guess) from the poison plus 130-150 from the initial attack damage if the attacker is using t8.1 sword and the the other player is using light. I do not think these numbers are unfair considering how good interrupt is in PvE and PvP, I might even suggest they are higher, and that the initial attack does more damage. Changing the name of the spell might be suitable, as it is completely different form normal hamstring. Maybe lower the slow duration or power too, sword is a CC weapon, but I think it should be the least CC of the CC weapons.



Now the E is the one I have the least problem with, because it has a different role that you just need to be smart to figure out. But it is still a one handed weapon and I am going to give my two cents. I suggest that you take off Mighty Blow, it is currently one of the worst E spells in the game according to many people, you guys understand that, which is why you changed the Claymore. Where you added not just one, but 2 new spells.


I think Iron Will should also give a damage buff, or a least make it like the new Axe spell Battle Frenzy, so on top of lowering the damage, you can't be slowed. At the moment, I would have a hard time choosing if I want Iron Will or or Battle Frenzy as a spell an E on sword. That is comparing an E to a W, and they are close to each other.


Now I am not the best at percentage buffs for E spells, but I think 44% speed buff is very good, even though the W on Axe is has a bigger buff, and I believe that Axes would( and should) be a slower weapon compared to a sword. But maybe add a small damage boost (10-20%) and maybe a negative effect for attacking the caster, such as with Flame Shield and Frost shield, which both have reflection and one has a slow. which can be AoE if attacked by multiple people.


I do not think either of those buffs (slow or reflect) fit this weapon, but maybe since the player is suddenly becoming confident and rushing towards the enemy, so when they attack/ damage you, they are "Frightened" when you don't take much damage and are not slowed (if you add invulnerable to CC).


And because of this their defense (and maybe attack) is lowered by maybe 40 (or a percentage, Maybe 25-30%, not OP compared to the new E on cursed, I am not sure yet) at t8.1 Sword (with is less than the max of Sunder stacks for daggers, a Q, and less than the W armor pierce on Cursed, even after update nerf) for maybe 5-7 seconds. This buff would not stack on enemies, but I might think an AoE reduction of attack and defense ( as mentioned above) of people around the person who attacked you, maybe a 4 meter radius around the enemy.


Another Idea would be that if they attack you they become slow and clumsy, Reducing their move, spell casting, and attack speed by 35%. Maybe also reducing attack by 20%.


Maybe Also Increase the duration from 5 seconds to 7 seconds, maybe a little more, as there are plenty of stuns that easily last 5 seconds.


I think a small 10-20% damage buff would also be nice and would fit, but is not completely necessary or a priority.


Thanks for reading guys, this is my first post, and I really hope you respond and tell me which parts of what i said are ridiculous and which parts are decent. I know that tweaking a W spell for one weapon in a line and not the others is not really I thing, they all need to be the same if they have the same name, so please consider my section about Hamstring as a brand new replacement spell for only .1 Swords.


And remember, all numbers are very loose, I am just putting what I think would be viable for t8.1 Broadswords.


I love to think I might be able to help SI develop this game, as it is my favorite game of all time at the moment, and I hope it always is, which is why i am trying to help.


PS: I did not check for grammar, so RIP grammar people, plz just comment if you have a question about understanding what I meant.

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