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Hey guys, have you bought some silver or gold from 3rd Party in Albion Online? Or you just trade with players who buys gold from 3rd Party? You know, SBI would like to ban players who purchased gold with Real Money.

Albion Online: Is 3rd Party Transactions So Dangerous?

Hey guys, have you bought some silver or gold from 3rd Party in Albion Online? Or you just trade with players who buys gold from 3rd Party? You know, SBI would like to ban players who purchased gold with Real Money.


I have been watching SBI over the last months and have seen SBI making an effort to increase certain undisclosed parts of their security to prevent Bots, and even the restrictions to gold to silver trade, Absolutely I can understand how this hurts them as a company, but I still do not agree with their "Instant Ban Method".


Albion Online: Is 3rd Party Transactions So Dangerous?


On any first offense the company should do what EVE does, and force the person to re-pay the currency make a persons gold / wallet "NEGATIVE" Currency for example lets say I bought 10k Gold from some website, and the GM's think I bought it, this could in fact be payment for something else maybe a loan I made to someone else etc, but instead of banning my account on the first offense "They would make my game account negative 10,000 GOLD, and email me a warning informing me of the rules, and giving me a chance to talk to them in a support ticket like in EVE Online, I played EVE for over 5 years, and one of my transactions out of over 1000 had traced back to a gold seller who gave me currency for items the ISK was removed from my account, but I was never banned for life Albion on the other hand bans you (INSTANTLY) and IMO that is a problem there are other punishments for first time offenders, or rather when they think you purchased currency but can't prove it I doubt the complaints I see above are all liars I would say some people lie or maybe most but not all.


But if you look at it its not all Gold Sellers faults SBI, as a company was aware of the fraud issues in the last closed beta before launch, yet they proceeded to launch the game instead of disable currency conversion and provided cheating guilds and such with a upper advantage that can never be reset (Sure accounts got banned absolutely) but the cheaters are still around and in fact likely don't care they just change their IP address and come back. These would cause the loss of Albion players, you know, sometimes people would abandon a game with anger.


As far as piracy, its here to stay personally I pirate games myself any game running Denuvo I Download it through undisclosed sites and play to my hearts content only takes me an hour to download a 20GB+ Game so I really don't care, Developers of video games today are turning people into pirates by all this DRM bullshit, Denuvo is a incompetent company which left their data base and personal files open to leaks on the internet, and then wants to put my privacy at risk, and take more of my Computers Resources than needed to play a game (No Thanks.) I would rather not support developers of such.


I really don't see Albion being around for much longer as a game prove me wrong, but SBI as a company has made many wrong decisions that will and have cost them quite a bit of money, I would love to see this game prosper but I feel Albion Online, is Face OF Mankind all over again, for those who are not familiar just look it up.


So we can't buy silver and gold from the 3rd Party anymore? Of course not, don't forget my friends, we can still offer you safe albion silver, you will not detected by SBI if you get silver from aosilver, we have the confidence!

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