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I know the hype is real with the update, yet I think we should give the devs more food, that they can chew on xD

Albion Online: My Ideas For The Arcane Staff

I know the hype is real with the update, yet I think we should give the devs more food, that they can chew on xD


You guys know the heavy boot spell "giant"?? Me neither... Can't really see many people using it. It just doesnt offer enough to justifiy the loss of the mobility. Here is the deal, the spell in itself does offer some sort of damage mitigation and support, via an hp increase. I already suggested shrink fro arcane, so why not go for a "enlarge"??


Enlarge, let the target grow by weaving arcane energy around is body. It is a temporary yet astonishing spell in the repertoire of the arcane mages.


Enlarge increases the maximum hp off the target by 80%+x for 8-10 seconds. Casttime 1 second, range 9m, cooldown 25-30 seconds, energycost 48


Albion Online: My Ideas For The Arcane Staff


Another possible e-spell slot, in combination with the shrink, you could become a real nuisance on the battlefield. I'm thinking of adding some other effect besides the hp increase, yet it already is quite strong.


Number values are adjustable


"Temporal rift", creates a rift in the space and time, all foes walking threw the rift will get tine ripped from them, while allies become a fresh boost of extra time.


Temporal rift slows all foes walking into it 38%+x for 8+y seconds and their cooldowns get increased by 33% while allies recieve a 38%+z movementspeed buff for 5 seconds and their cooldowns get reduced by 33%. The rift will only work once! It is a ground targeted wall type of aoe. Measurments should be around firewall size, so something like 5x1 m. Cast time instant, range 7-9m, cooldown 15-30 seconds, energycost 36/43


Aoe movementspeed increase plus strong aoe movementspeed decrease. As always just a suggestion that might turn out quite strong. I wanted to create a way of helping our ever slow backline, while also create a interesting zerg fight ability. As always everything can be changed.


This was and still is a spell designed for my firestaff threat, yet the name of it makes me wanna post it here. It is very damage oriented, but keep in mind it was meant for firestaff!


"Desintegrate", the caster channels vast destructive power into his hands, unleashing them in a beam of power, that rips everything apart in its way.


Desintegrate is a channeld beam ability. Unlike most beams it isn't target casted, but ground targeted. The aim can be adjusted by clicking on the ground, yet it will travel very slowly. All enemies that are inside the beam will get damaged. Either does the beam ignore resistances, or it shredds them, based on the time of the foe standing in it.


The look, enemies recieve 180+x damage per 0.5 seconds for 3-5 seconds, you become immobile for the duration(there should be an option to interrupt the channel via movement). The beam ignores 30%+x of the mr from the target or it shredds the mr/ar of the target by 20+y per second.

Cast time instant, channel time 3-5 seconds, range/aoe 9x1,5m, cooldown 30 seconds, energycost 23 per second


I know, this is a damage monster.... Maybe the beam could be blocked by the first person it hits, or something. It was meant for the infernalstaff as an e-slot.


So what you guys think? Will keep em comming

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