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With the releasing of Albion Online, more and more gamers are goint to play this amazing sandbox game. Some players believe that Albion is a P2W game and others not, it\\\\\\\'s really hard to have a conclusion.

Albion Online: P2W Or Not?

With the releasing of Albion Online, more and more gamers are goint to play this amazing sandbox game. Some players believe that Albion is a P2W game and others not, it's really hard to have a conclusion. So today AOSilver will make a special analysis about the controversy:


P2W in Albion Online


Depending on which definition you ascribe to P2W, there are a few aspects of Albion which can be evaluated on the P2W spectrum. Premium, Founder/Starter pack rewards, Gold to Silver exchange.


Yes, premium accounts provide an indisputable advantage over non-premium. However, premium may be purchased with earned in-game currency, allowing players who earn enough silver the ability to perpetually maintain a premium account without spending any additional money beyond the initial founder/starter pack purchase.


Legendary and Epic founder/starter pack rewards also provide indisputable advantages over Veteran packs in the form of early access head start, mounts, and lower level gear. The flip side is that these benefits are very fleeting, as those advantages quickly become available to the entire player base at an extremely low in-game silver cost.


The aspect of Albion Online that is the source of the most P2W debates is the Gold/Silver exchange system.


Albion Online: P2W Or Not?


The P2W Debate


The P2W debates over Albion's Gold/Silver exchange fall into two primary arguments.

Defenders argue that complainers don't understand how the exchange works and wouldn't call the game P2W if they really knew how it all worked.

Complainers argue that it doesn't matter how it all works, and consider any advantage that can be acquired with real-life money makes the game P2W.

This two groups will never agree, as they are each arguing very different definitions of "P2W."


Albion's Gold/Silver Exchange


As others have mentioned, the Gold/Silver exchange allows players to spend real-life money to acquire gold, a form of currency used to purchase or extend premium subscription, and exchange that for silver that other players have earned in-game. In essence, this system allows those with deeper pockets the ability to purchase premium for other players, in exchange for the in-game silver other players have earned. All else being equal, the less time, effort, or efficiency a player can put into Albion, the more real-life money they'll have to spend to maintain their premium account. On the other hand, the more time, determination, or clever efficiency in the use of time and effort, the less real life money a player will have to spend to maintain premium on their character(s).


In extreme cases, a deep-pocketed player can purchase a nearly infinite amount of silver, while someone that plays non-stop or with insane efficiency can play for free for eternity.


Advantages of Unlimited Silver


It is indisputable that having unlimited silver in Albion Online provides an advantage. This is because there are really two different and distinct progression systems in AO:


Economic Progression - The ability to earn and maintain economic advantages in game, such as access to high-level gear and territory/plot ownership.

Combat Progression - The ability to effectively utilize gear and abilities in combat.

Unlimited unearned silver allows a player to "jump the line" with regards to economic progression, as they can short-cut the process of making progress in establishing ways to effectively earn or save silver in game. This can involve owning territories or city plots, crafting stations, or power leveling refining/crafting skills by purchasing a nearly infinite number of materials. Players with access to large amounts of unearned silver are not playing the same game the rest of us are when it comes to Albion's economy.


However, unlimited silver provides absolutely no benefit with regards to combat progression for several reasons. Players cannot short-cut or jump the line when it comes to progressing up combat skill cap lines, limiting their ability to utilize higher tier gear and abilities, as well as their power level and effectiveness in using that gear and those skills.


Ultimately, all the silver in the world isn't going to help a player dominate in full-loot red/black zones, as all they'll end up doing is donating gear to other players that are more skilled, more organized, or are higher on the combat progression tree.




At the end of the day, BOTH arguments are mostly correct. 


Albion's Gold/Silver exchange effectively makes the economic aspect of AO, if not exactly "pay to win", certainly pay for a significant advantage.


But when it comes to combat, be it individual, group on group, or alliance vs alliance, Albion Online offers no advantage to anyone outside those earned in-game.


Yes, as you can see, if we only consider the Albion's Gold/Silver exchange, it's a P2W game, but when it come to combat, it's a not P2W game. Things could have many different aspects, so the Albion Online!

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