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The past week I've been playing I have noticed a few issues with the game. Despite these issues I'm having a weird sense of "grundy-old-school-mmo" fun.

Albion Online: Some Issues & Suggestions

The past week I've been playing I have noticed a few issues with the game. Despite these issues I'm having a weird sense of "grundy-old-school-mmo" fun. I'll try to keep this as short as possible. First I'll start with smaller issues. I'l try to explain why or how they are an issue (if they need an explanation) and any possible solutions that come to mind, Hopefully I'm wasting my breath and everything I say here is already on the agenda (I noticed a couple of items on a older roadmap).


Spell/Ability Range

Spells and abilities which require a cast time are not interrupted when targets leave the spell range. If a spell has began channelling or casting on a target when the target has gone way beyond double its range, the spell does not cancel and will still hit. This is more noticeable on PvE mobs that use castable melee abilities.


Obviously its both a balance problem (making escape spells far less useful) and an immersive problem. It's not very immersive being bitten by a wolf that is 30 meters away.


A cut off point for spells could be implemented to solve the issue. Not too far to interrupt any spell the second a target leaves, but close enough that a target can actually escape.


Tab targeting

I see this one pointed out a lot, and it's also on the roadmap, just thought I'd list it here anyway. Oh yeah, for those people who don't like tab targeting because it will "make it too easy" (I know who you are). Is Dark Souls too easy? Because that has targeting, auto targeting too. Its a convenience, not a game breaking feature.



Obviously UI improvements are always welcome, there are a couple which I want to point out that are glaring or much needed.

-Minimap needs to be zoomed in more. It also needs to keep zoomed changes between maps (not revert to default zoom setting)

-Placing spells at the bottom while keeping the larger icons will block the clock and the chat box (the chat is moveable I know)

-Region search function needed for world map. So many times people say "go here" and you are like "where?". Of course once you get to know the map this is a none issue.

-Locations of party members. You know, to find them without talking. I don't wanna talk!

-Some spells don't state their durations (mainly DoTs). Also debuffs with dark/black backgrounds on targets are quite hard to see when they end.

-On the Destiny Board. "Journeyman Gathering yield +2" is missworded. It does not increase yield, but rather the speed, it also implies it only affects journeyman tools.

-When numbers reach Millions, it goes from a 7 digit number to a 5 digit with "K" at the end (19,000k for example). It's not incorrect, but a little misleading on the eyes.


Albion Online: Some Issues & Suggestions


Auction House

I've seen a few posts on this matter. Myself personally, I spend as little time on the auction house as I possibly can, as such, this topic really bores me. Even still I can see a few things missing from this AH.

-Ability to choose stack sizes to sell (You have to first split resource stacks before putting them on. Just a convenience suggestion)

-Ability to adjust the price of currently priced items (even for a tax cost)

-Ability to set items as bid. The one problem I have with AHs is setting a price. There is always those people who will undercut all day and I haven't the patience to play "who's the better marketeer" At least with bidding, I can put a price and let the demand choose how much its worth.


Armour/weapon block

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it odd that armour/weapon types are fame blocked by other types of the same kind. All the amour/wep types should be accessible as soon as you unlock(complete) the novice node. Not only does this improve diversity, but it also makes sense and doesn't rub people the wrong way when they can use halberd without fame gathering endlessly for it.


Fast Travel

It doesn't quite make sense that fast travel scales depending on weight, but also has a very low cap for it. This is because it's calculated in flat weight rather than % weight. So at later levels, you can be 20% weight or 500% weight and it will cost the same. But at 0% weight it will be about 3 times cheaper. Just a note to point that "flaw" out.

EDIT: Is based on item value rather than weight as kindly pointed out below.


Repair Station

There should be a usage fee on the repair stations in the cities. Mostly because it completely makes building one yourself redundant.


Improved World Trading

Trading from one city to another seems a little bit pointless. There are two parts to this problem.

-Everyone can carry mass between cities.

-Cities don't encourage trade between each other.

-Resources are not really unique between cities. (This may be solved with the new biomes)


This creates "islands" rather than a thriving world. Granted, someone can go from city to city, compare market prices and sell/buy accordingly, but other than a few market players, who's got time to do that?


Albion Online: Some Issues & Suggestions


Part of the solution could be to implement a "demand system". Each city on the market will list there most demanded items on the world map and reduce to tax on those items accordingly. Maybe this is a bad idea, maybe it's a good one. As I have said, I'm not a marketeer.


Silver balance

Okay so this has been a topic too. Though the point in the original post probably wasn't argued very well, so I'll give it a try. The problem with silver is not that silver is abundant. The amount of silver overall is irrelevant. The problem is progression.


-The further more people progress the more silver that is accumulated per hour as higher level mobs drop increasingly more silver

-This makes static prices either overpriced early game, or under priced later on.

-This also devalues early mob silver drops, meaning that new players will get their main source of income from the AH rather than farming. (Just think of current WoW. Everytime you pick up 10 copper coins, you are still poor. But when you pick up 10 copper ore, you are about 100x richer than you were)


There are a few way this can be tackled:


-Say it's fine and leave static content to be undervalued. Not good if you want to add content later on.

-Reduce the silver gap between levels of mobs. Also have mobs drop silver based on the tier armour/weps used to kill it (meaning that killing a low lvl mob fast (with higher tier) will reduce the silver dropped).

-Don't have any static prices in the game, ever. (though this does not fix the fact that late comers to the game will have less affect on the market when grinding mob levels).



The main problem I see with crafting right now is the amount of goods that need crafting to gain fame. it vastly outweighs the need for those items. This just saturates the market with useless items. So much that I bet most people just salvage rather than try to sell. Another problem is that once an item is crafted, the crafter is obsolete. Any Joe can reroll an item to legendary. (This has also been brought up before)


Suggestion; Rework Reroll


-Reroll should be located at crafting stations

-Can only reroll if crafting level allows (So if you can craft T5 cloth, you cant reroll T6 cloth, and you cant reroll T5 plate)

-Uses resources on reroll

-Crafters gain fame when rerolling


How many times am I going to say reroll (Because I can)



I heard that cities are eventually going to be reworked in some way due to their blandness. I can't remember what dev log that was, it was a Q&A I saw a little while back. Anyway, the problems I see with cities right this moment are:


-There are too many plots

-Nobody needs the services

-It's not pleasant on the eyes

-They are all clones (which was mentioned in the Q&A)


So first the plots. Do we need that many plots for the 10 or so buildings available? When you see FOUR smithies in one plot, you know something is not right.

Secondly, nobody needs them. part of it is due to guilds and private islands being readily available. The only time someone might need to use a service is if they are too far away from home.

And obviously, it's not very immersive seeing a bunch of leatherworks next to each other, You never see a Tesco next to Asda do you?


I was thinking of a few things which would make cities more relevant and overall more lively


-Replace most city plots with "only house" plots which players can rent for a cheaper fee than having an island (assuming islands will have a rent fee).

-Additionally, Housing can be rented in the PvP zone for an even cheaper price, but obviously carries risk in getting there (Evil grin)

-Multiple players can rent a home and the all share that home.

-Additional house types/shapes obviously to make it less bland.

-Logging off in your house will give rested bonus (extra fame gain).


Houses can either be already built (like terrace houses in the pvp area) or be built by players and auctioned ownership of them to then rent them out, part of the silver can go to the state (yay another money sink).


Well I was going to add more next time and I hope that Albion Online will be better and better, I love this game so much !

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