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I purchase Albion online rougthly 5 days ago. Im currently using Tier 6 equipament and roaming around red zones. This are my feedback and sugestions.

Albion Online: Some Shortage & Suggestion

I purchase Albion online roughly 5 days ago. Im currently using Tier 6 equipment and roaming around red zones. This are my feedback and suggestions.


Great game. I really enjoy playing AO for now. New and dangerous zones are exiting. Great community overall. Good gathering/leveling mechanics. Acceptable PvP mechanics.


PvE (gathering): 10/10

PvE (mobing): 6/10

PvE (dungeons): 7/10

PVP (1v1, ganking): 7/10

PVP (GvG): 8/10

Crafting: 4/10


My ideas for changes:


1- Mounts system is bad for gatherers.

Basically, you are using a horse to move without any load or just going painfully slow on an ox after gathering. The fact that you can only use one mount at a time (practically speaking) its really pampering. If you get ambushed or simply attacked by someone you have ZERO chance of neither running away or fight them.




a- Leave horses as they are. Remove casting time of the Ox, remove silence after using an ox.


Basically going around after gathering stuff make you extremely vulnerable. Its really tedious to walk from a three to another even with only 200% weigth, and casting the ox PLUS the after silence makes you wanna shoot yourself on certain situation. Oxs give ZERO combat advantages, so they shouldnt give you combat penalty after using them.


b- Add an extra equipment slot, this slot will ONLY affect your mount.


I think on 3 posible items.


Armor: Gives damage reduction/more HP/CC reduction to your mount.


Horseshoe: Gives a FLAT +mov speed. IGNORING weigth penalty. (maybe from +10% to +25%)


Cart: It will let you carry a chest around, the weigth of it is still counted when moving with the mount, it is ADDED to your current character weigth. You can only equip/unequal empty carts. When your mount has a cart equiped it will unequipped of your inventory after you unmount. The cart AND the mount will remain stationary. You can interact with the chest as normal OTHER PLAYERS CAN ALSO INTERACT WITH IT AFTER A 5 SEC CHANELLING. This will allow you to gather and dont be terrible hampered if you get ambush. Plus, you know... stealing carts and stuff.


Albion Online Personal Experience & Suggestion


2- The use of low level resources to craft higher level ones & the use of T1 resources on houses makes you grind like a bot on zero danger zones.

This is simply... boring. I honestly prefer spending 2x or 3x more time gathering high level resources on a Y/R/B zone than being on green low level zones going around looking for ores while one hosting mobs. This add ups to the inability to travel with equipment (practically), making the travel even more of a chore.


Suggestion: Maybe, only make use of unrefined resources of 1 or 2 lower tier than the refined resourse you wanna get. Increase costs of crafting.


3- "Classes" or equipment imbalance.

Rigth now (27/05/16) theres a serious PVE, 1v1 and GvG imbalance. This MAY be on propose (different weapons are more suitable for different things), which will be fine... except for the grind/LP required to use those weapons. Low tier weapons are practically the same (except for some exceptions), but you may reach T6 (like i did) on something and then realising "this will not be usefull for WATH I WANT TO DO". This is especially misleading beacause said low tier "usefullness". Same goes for armors, but on a lesser extent.


Suggestion: Add some tooltip that said "This weapon is prefered for PVE/1v1/GvG" or "this weapon is subpar, but cheaper to replace" ETC. It will be really appreciated by new players.


4- T1 cost when upgrading houses

You may well say "hey stand still looking at your screem for 1-4 hours".


Suggestions: Remove it... Please.


5- Farming fame for weapon/armor use seems painfully slow.

Mobs are really really boring to kill. You have 2 options: One-Shooting mobs with a 15 sec CD (approx.) or AoE dps trough them. Its extremely easy, slow and non-rewarding.




a-Increase mob difficulty and fame gain from them.




b-Increase fame gain from mobs by 20-35%




c- Improve 1 player dungeons.

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