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With the inclusion of the Crime system to AO. I have a few thoughts, AO is becoming more like eve (no complaint there)

Albion Online: the Criminal Camps

With the inclusion of the Crime system to AO. I have a few thoughts, AO is becoming more like eve (no complaint there), however, there are somethings that could be added to make things fun for the people who choose to be criminals in order to make the system dynamic.


Some Issues:


1.)There will just be alt accounts. In order to get resources from the city to fund the carnage a player could purchase a second account and use him as a runner to bring him gear/supplies then take the possibly damaged gear back and repair it. Then repeat this over and over.


2.)Being a Criminal is fun and should be rewarding. The Crime system shouldn’t just be a negative system for those who choose to engage while on the Royal Islands. When you are a Criminal you are simply unable to enter a city and guards will kill you.


3.)There’s not a place to hang out with other criminals. Hiding behind trees doesn’t seem like an option.


Some suggestions:


1.)Add Kill rights

A crime system with no way to get organized payback…… no fun. If someone makes it their purpose to assist people in dealing with criminals then they should be able to without getting a penalty themselves. Sure there’s a timer but having kill rights would just make the system a little more dynamic.


Albion Online: the Criminal Camps


2.)Criminal Death

If you choose to be a Criminal then you should have to pay a consequence when someone tracks you down and kills you and it should be more than the t3 – t4 guy gathering stone that you just ganked.

Suggestions on this one?


3.)Criminal tavern, hangout of some sort

Criminals should be able to have a place to call home as well. Maybe it doesn’t have a cool island system but it could have something right? It would be nice to see some criminal locations on the map. Where someone who chooses to be a criminal will be able to go to kick back and get away from it all. They should be given access to some of the basic facilities. Like repair stations, bathrooms, maybe a food and alchemy building and their own black market auction house. I outlined a little more in detail below.


Control: Should be a GvG thing. Would provide a buffer to black zones. The owning guild could pose a tax on the outpost buildings. The buildings should maintain themselves as this shouldn’t be something the guild should have to micromanage.


Access: Security status in Eve isn’t based on time it’s based on merit to concord. If you are labeled as a criminal then you should be a criminal until you prove to the royal forces you are going to play nice. The Current system seems to do both (ie. Go down with time and with doing things like *gathering, killing mobs. Maybe I want to always be a criminal it should be my choice not a predetermined amount of time waged on my crimes. So access should be limited to those who are criminals.


*Gathering should be removed from this system


Buildings: Basic Buildings starting at t1 but players should have to upgrade them to t4 themselves, but collectively (Criminals working together)



This will impact the economy in an interesting way. This will add some risk = reward to the game for both criminals and merchants in “safe” zones. Criminals could trade amongst themselves on their black market and still be able to make their own gear and weapons. More dynamic trading possibilities between black zone guilds, criminal outpost, and royal island cities.

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