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As you probably know (thos who doesn't now you will) I played Albion for quite some time and I quite enjoyed it.

Albion Online: the Dev Silence RIP

As you probably know (thos who doesn't now you will) I played Albion for quite some time and I quite enjoyed it. There were great PvP battles, big dungeon runs, drunk guild members and so on. As I said great time.


But in last weeks major patch comed along and gived us new dungeons. There are great not the less but sometimes there is just that little something what is missing. And if you wanted to do some fame progression on big tier and wanted to go to portal in 5 you 99% time met groups twice big as yours so you lost ower and ower again. It was fun for first week fighting this groups but lot of ppl left cause of this and also lack of content drived ppl off. And when you lose 100 ppl from guild cause they don't play anymore then it suck and you no longer enjoys to play the game. Last final blow was that devs confirmed 2 wipes and said that they dont know when they are going to be so we lost last ppl which played game and that was also final blow for me. When you as officier log in to game and there is just 1 man online it just don't feel right.


I know this is beta but it kind of feel like some alpha sorry to say. This game have big potential but it needs lot of work... 


Albion Online: the Dev Silence RIP


Player community is ... well in some parts full of trolls and idiots but in other part there are nice ppl... But let's be fair I've said this so many times and I gonna say it again - Silence is bad .. Devs needs to learn how to properly communicate with community and just not say random shit in global chat ingame. Foru / site is place where stuff should be written to eliminate as much trolls as possible. For example @Korn writed forum that there would be wipe .. silence went forward and devastating WIPE HYPE was created. I know it is gona sound hars but it is true. There are community manager but they are NOT doing work what they should do > Eliminate those trolls and don'T give them chance they should answer community questions and so on. There are moderators but they can't do some stuff.


I know that this thread is going to be moved to rants section and that you guys will try to hide and maybe I will get negative feedback on this but what ever you do keep in mind that sometimes constructive criticism is in fact good think.


So now to main topic - Dev silence in last week 


This is now issue that should be worked on. Dew should give players some feedback what they are working on and what they are going to bring because silence is only going to give flustration and thinking that devs abandoned this "ship".


Don't take this ad bad thing this game is great but there needs to be some enjoyment in it. Fame grind is just ... well messed shit right now and I know that there is going to be fame overhaul but from player perspective is just too repetitive and also there are lot of issues.


Keep working on this great game and don't kill it before it even goes live.

With that said I'm going to take break from playing and will see you guys in future hopefully.

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