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All of my most treasured memories of Albion have been in the open world. Fights which had been thrust upon me or I’ve been able to thrust upon the enemy.

Albion Online: the Fire and Ice Project

All of my most treasured memories of Albion have been in the open world. Fights which had been thrust upon me or I’ve been able to thrust upon the enemy. There is a spark to open world PvP which I find hard to replicate in dungeons or GvGs. With Albion in its current state it’s becoming increasingly hard to find PvP outside of a GvG and it’s with this in mind that I look to create a place where PvP can prosper and thrive.


Those of you familiar with EVE Online will probably know of an organisation known as Red vs Blue. For those of you who don’t, below is an extract taken from Red vs Blue’s website:


Albion Online: the Fire and Ice Project


“Think of Red and Blue as one corporation split into two teams. The other team members are your targets, but they are NOT your enemies. They want to get good fights as much as you do. Try to get along with each other! If the opposing team can't match your fleet, ship down or give them one or two of your fleet members temporarily. If the opposing team repeatedly has too few members in your timezone, consider switching teams. RvB will be whatever you guys make of it!”


I propose we, as a community, create a similar organisation for those who want to PvP to their heart’s content in Albion Online. Right now it’s just an idea, a concept but I’m looking for people who are interested to join or help run such a movement. At this early stage I’m looking to make PVP Frequent, Fun and Fair.


Frequent – By getting the movement to base in one place, one central place for PvP we can start to build up a hotbed of combat and brawls. Potentially having shotcallers/warmasters schedule open world events and encourage people to roam. Finding a hot spot with hourly chests to contest will be a good foundation to build upon.


Fun – By making an easy-going, energetic environment hopefully we can build a community and make friends that will last based on a collective love for Pvp. Potentially running events such as duelling and small group tournaments can be a great way to get some PvP, flex your muscles and generally have some fun.

Fair – Trying to get even numbers will ensure that fights are fair and fun. Group leaders may ask people to swap teams or take a break if teams are out-numbered. Perhaps adding a gear limit of flat t4 or t5 will allow the newer members of Albion or those not so well off to fight on level terms frequently for fun. (See what I did there)


So that’s all I have at the moment and everything is up for debate between anyone and everyone that is interested. Please like the post or reply so that I can get a feeling for people that would be interested and hopefully we can make something in the game.

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