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The Royal Islands are a nice thought. A place to introduce players to the game, and let those who do not like PvP much live relatively peaceful.

Albion Online: the Flaws of New Continent Layout

The Royal Islands are a nice thought. A place to introduce players to the game, and let those who do not like PvP much live relatively peaceful. But as a stepping stone to the outlands and the hardcore game, isn’t it a little odd how the criminal system seems to make PvP’ing completely impossible. It seems to me like the only people that will be able to really PvP in the Royal Lands are those who are already established in the Outlands. Why? Because if someone who established himself in the Royal Lands start roaming around, he will simply not be able to go back to the city. I know there are duels and upcoming pvp activities, but honestly, if you want to prepare people to get to the next stage, you have to somewhat reflect that stage in your training. I think Royal Lands should be a place to figure out what you want to do with the game. What build you want to use and if you wanna craft, gather, farm, PvP, PvE and whatever choices there are, but I think it is very important to keep it as a stepping stone, which I will get in to later, when we look at cluster tiers and caps.


The Outlands are also in general a good idea. However, the problem is that it is not going to be balanced. The first month, where everybody is at the same tiers, will be fun no matter how shitty the stepping stone system is, but once you get to the 3-5 month mark you will see way too much tier difference around the world for this to work. You simply need zones for people that can’t afford to risk the highest tier weapons in the game, but enjoy the full loot PvP aspect of Albion Online. Why? Let me tell you.


- How does it feel to be a top tier player killing a low-mid tier player?

It’s ok. Maybe you can sell a couple of his items for an irrelevant sum of money. It wasn’t really exciting cus they never had a chance at winning, but at least you got some sort of PvP action.


- How does it feel for a low-mid tier player to get killed by a top tier player?

It sucks dick. You have no chance, and what the fuck is he even doing in this noob zone? Seriously, now I have to go back to the Royal Lands to farm more silver so I can get back out there again. But I need higher tier armor. I can’t afford that. The stuff that guy had would take me two weeks to save up for. What’s the point of even going to the outlands if all I get to do is save up to die again. I think I’ll just use the arenas and quit once it’s not exciting anymore.


That’s from a single person’s perspective, but what about a guild perspective? That is pretty much the same, but when talking about guilds surviving in a cap-less continent, we’re talking about territories. Now, why the flip would a low-mid tier guild even start to build a base? It’s pretty obvious that if you don’t follow the gear progression of your enemies, you are in very bad shape. Someone with a few tiers higher can pretty easily come take over the base you just spent one and a half month getting to t7. They don’t even need it though, but I guess they are bored, or just want to make a statement to the rest of the world? Wtf now they are telling us that they want 50 mil silver if we want to keep our territory. Emm, if we give them that, will it even end? If we give them silver, our morale will drop and our members will quit or find other guilds. If we fight, we lose, and our members will lose everything and find other guilds or quit.


Now, are these all the problems? No. And there are probably a million things I havn’t thought about, but here is my last issue of the day.


A players that starts the game 4-6 months after release wants to get in on the actual game. He’s seen some cool videos with open world PvP and GvG’s. Game looks pretty amazing. However, everyone in the Outlands (where the fun is happening), is running around in such high tier gear. Takes ages to get to that point. Before a new player can get to a level where he can actually experience the real game, he has to go through endless grinding in a safe zone that he finds very uninteresting. PvP makes no sence because he is way too low tier, and literally every time he sees someone, he is literally dead, unless he has a crazy movement speed build, that he also doesn’t really want.


Albion Online: the Flaws of New Continent Layout


In order to fix this, and not only this, but also economic aspects of the game in it’s current state, we will need to design the map in a way that there are multiple stepping stones before reaching the end game. We cannot have people coming to the game, waiting 5 months of terrible grind before they can become somewhat competitive due to tier differences.


- Royal Islands

Current zones work fine, but in the royal zones you can only gather plain tier material. Uncommon and above has to be transported from the Outlands. This means you are free to try and learn everything in the Royal Lands, but it doesn’t make sense to stay there forever unless you really enjoy the 100% carebear environment. It’s simply a place for people to learn the basics of the game in safety.


- The outlands

The outlands offer a number of different zones. Full loot is the only way in the Outlands, but there are gear caps that makes the game more competitive and exciting. Killing someone feels good, because it means you are better one way or the other, and not that you grinded for 100 hours more. It’s skill based and affordable for a mediocre player.


Zone tiers and gear caps go hand in hand, but in order to get the best gear for you current zone, you have to venture in to the next tier zone.



Tier 5 zone: Tier 9 gear cap = 6.4

Tier 6 zone: Tier 10 gear cap = 7.4

Tier 7 zone: Tier 11 gear cap = 8.4

Tier 8 zone: Tier 12 gear cap = 9.4 (for example legendary 8.4 would work fully)


Judging by the new tier system, exceptional looks to be the highest powerlevel, so that’s what I’m going with in this example. Maybe make some tier 4 zones with 5.4 as gear cap.


But why is this a good idea? Isn’t this just for the carebears?


Hell no! This is for people that want real competitive PvP. This makes an economy that will not favour high tier items only. There will be a constant demand for mid tier items, keeping the markets flowing and making all tier materials very relevant. This will create stepping stones, where you can actually learn the game before fighting the strongest and more experienced players. This makes you feel relevant by being able to impact the Outlands even before reaching the end game. This makes the game FUN, and adds to the game in so many ways, instead of taking good, fair and fun aspects of the game away.


We need these gear caps! Noone wants to fight people in 3-4 tiers above them. It’s not fun, and it will make people quit because regular people do not have time to farm multiple end game sets per week.

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