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I am not so sure the game I originally paid for is the game that I am seeing come to fruition in the ladder stages of it's development approaching launch.

Albion Online: the little hope I have

I am not so sure the game I originally paid for is the game that I am seeing come to fruition in the ladder stages of it's development approaching launch. While I am confident the game can succeed in some type of measurable of success, I think the overall spark that was Albion Online has just about flickered out. This game has all of the potential in the world to be one of the best games that has been released in the last decade, excluding a major title like World of Warcraft and honestly this game HAS the potential to be that damn good.


What I love / hoped for in Albion



Dynamic World (such as GvG territory control)

Semi Grind that is manageable , which ultimately plateaus into a full on pvp experience. 

Sense of achievement through success.

Open world -- be what you want however you can.


What I am coming to realize


The grind is going to be entirely too involved, these . items along with learning points.. its just creating a complicated environment of endless grind. You pretty much entirely fuck over an entire group of people if you ever choose to nerf their weapon or change abilities on them, which no matter how much you test , inevitably the meta has to change for people to stick around.


The map's , while being redesigned, are really not the core issue that creates the issues I personally have with the game. So now when you redesign this map.. you are pretty much banking on this to work, because if not this is the last chance of charming the masses with your new idea's. 


Albion Online: the little hope I have


The dungeons became sooooo lame, you over complicated this entire game, and one of the worst changes made was when you started doing grotto's and went into necro dungeons etc, simply simplify your game. The more complex changes you attempt to make in this game just drive the grind and the time to do things way up, which is completely already annoying as fuck.


You can't just log in, go out, and enjoy pvp. Sorry but those days are long gone, sure you have a few try hards left who are going to try and convince each other that this game is soo fun... but really the appeal of full loot pvp is that you can constantly go out and fight and be rewarded in some type of way. No one is going to want to fight in if when they lose it they essentially lost 2 weeks or more of their lives working to get it. Yeah I think there should be valuable albion online items, but how valuable is lost time?


So what am I coming to realize after these years of playing.


The game has felt like it has gone in a direction that is catering no longer to the hardcore full loot pvp crowd, but rather to the masses that complained about how 'hard' things were to do. Just look at zone changes, LP changes, fame requirement changes.. you are literally digging out the wood from under the gloss and leaving your polished finish as a foundation. 


Apparently no one knows what to do with GvG's, aside from ignoring them for just about forever, now I see these introduced changes and all I can think is, oh if they make a mistake they will just simply revert changes such as timeslot's. Sorry but after all of this time that is just simply a piss answer, Just stick with a program , keep it simple, and let it live. Obviously GvG's will never be perfect but at least the concept has been in the game and has continued to work in regards to people USING them.


This grind is one of the lamest aspect's of the game and will ultimately ALWAYS kill your game. This whole 4.2 , 4.3, 5.5, 6.6 ..... all these tiers that will ultimately require an idiotic amount of time to unlock is just asking for the death of your game. No one in their right mind will play this game longer than a year which is required to actually get somewhere as you mentioned. Let's face it, you can tweak learning points all you want etc, but the fact that you pigeon-hole people into being stuck in a role and it taking X months to get there will never work. The entire enjoyable aspect of the game was supposed to be that you could be what you want when you want. The whole fun was that you could pick up any assortment of item's and mold yourself into something unique. If you keep learning points and you keep fucking with them, this game is going to be a complete disaster because there is no way to balance them, sorry about it.


What I forsee


Players will come and go, I will give this game one more shot after the wipe, and MAYBE one more shot at launch, that is really pushing it depending on the content that comes out. Yet having taken time off, the only reason this game is even semi attractive to me , which I use semi strongly, is because there is a major change coming about in terms of the new map and systems. Yet you refuse to fix the core issues of the game which is not this polished over map, it's the idea that newer players have 0 chance against older players unless those older players simply quit.


This murder system or whatever sounds cool, but let's face it, if you are out there murdering people.. why the hell would you need to go into a town? Sure you can give town benefits etc, but the hardcore pvper's are not playing a game to go into town and will find ways around it, this simply is the beginning of the cater system, Tommy cries because Ben pushed him, now Ben will continue to be punished until Tommy stops crying about how Ben is a bully. No need to cater to Tommy, Tommy needs to dust himself off. I can't see this doing anything but creating even more crying in the future and inevitably removing PvP from another aspect of the game. 


I can't see many people being committed after this beta 2, it has to literally hit the nail on the head, and from what ive seen with this new update, I am not even almost impressed. Cool you added a bunch of new spells, all that means is the balance issues that have been entirely glaring throughout the entire beta will now be that much more relevant with more abilities, especially leading into a wipe?! . Other than that I see carebear furniture (the beginning of the end ... cosmetics) , and oh look IMPROVED CHARACTER DELETION. Come on , that should be lost in the patch notes, not something you actually make a big deal. 


While I love this game and I will grin and bear these changes and the inevitable future, all I can hope for is that somehow someway by the time it launches they realize what made this game glorious at one point.

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