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I am not sure what the DEV response and/or feedback is in this game, but I'm hoping this post will deliver a much needed message.

Albion Online: things that MUST be fixed or added

I am not sure what the DEV response and/or feedback is in this game, but I'm hoping this post will deliver a much needed message. Admitedly, I have never heard of this game until I came across it in a reddit post, 6 days ago actually, and since then I have been avidly 'BETA' testing this game. I am now a T4 almost T5 Adebt and already I am noticing a few aspects of the game need some much needed attention if you are planning on making Albion the MMO it has the potential to be. So, with the below, I'm expressing MY PERSONAL opinion on what you made me pay to help you improve (LOL). Hopefully I won't have to pay for you to act on them aswell!




This one is a no brainer. The fact that in a dungeon, we have to kill, then open a droplet, then drag to the inventory - and repeat for every single mob that drops, is just laughable.. Items need to auto dispribute (depending on the party settings) or if you're looking to money grab, implement pets of some sort. Whatever the case, it can't stay as it is because it just doesn't work. I know it, You know it, Your players know it.. Please fix?




Now I understand that this is a gloriffied 'Sandbox' game. Most of these kind of games will dump you in an enviroment and let you freelance your way to whatever path you choose. There is a fun aspect to that, I understand. But this game is also an MMORPG. Unfortunately, it's severly lacking the 'RPG' aspect. At least using my experience, there was nothing to reallly pull you in. There were no NPCs to progressively guide you using a lore or a story line. There were no bosses to kill and 'save the poor maiden'. No sense of adventure. No questline taking you from one dungeon to another, respectively harder, to give the game a sense of challenge (and show you around). No questline guiding you or helping you on choosing your path or giving you a free 'cool' starting weapon. Nope. This game just throws you in a world and laughs "Let your grind begin!!". That's all it is from day one, A grind. There are only so many resources a person can aimlessly gather and craft.. Only so many times a person can run a dungeon over n over to get money and essence, without a real sense of reward.. This will eventually get boring for even the most persevering player..


Albion Online: things that MUST be fixed or added


^ These are my main immediate concerns on the game, which I had to get off my chest.. But there are others that are more on the aesthetical side that also need revisiting in the long run i'm sure! I'll list these below;


- Party Questing


The only kind of questing there is in the game, is what other games call bounty hunting. You get the kill list, you go to the mobs and start killing. Grind grind... Not only does the game give you a very tiny reward, but you can't even do it in a party!! If you go killing with a partner / friend, you each have to kill your own mobs. You get each other's fame, you get each other's loot drops, but you do not get the kill on the list. Surely this is a mistake? It defeats the purpose of being in the party?? Which takes me to my next point;


- Party Gathering


Gathering in this game is done beautifully. However, in any game, gatehering alone can be incredibly lonely and boring. Thats why sometimes you bring in a friend to gather with you so you can keep each other entertained.. But this game doesnt even let you do that! It would be oh so nice if you could be in a party and share whatever gathered resource the members in the party gather? It would add to the experience and actually make it more fun for everyone if it was a community thing rather than a solo mission. Which also takes me to my next point..


- Point and click travelling

This one pisses me off personally! I can't do any sort of travelling without having to stop (and risk getting aggrod by some mob or player) to talk on chat..I hate to have to compare so much, but I have to. Most other games similar to this, have a system where you point on theminimap and your character auto travels you that spot. Can't this be made possible? I don't think it should proove an issue for the cross platform concept you guys have going on right?? Next point.. (Another travel issue)


- Travelling in general


We all know albion is HUGE. So much so that it belittles new comers like me and instantly make me feel lost the second I start getting a sense of size. I currently play around Queensmarket.. I have no idea why I'm there and why I'm not in any other area. I don't know which is better and I have no idea why the other exist at all. I would love to travel to those areas and find out, but unfortunately, I would have to leave everything behind as travelling to those places simply costs way too much!! Why? You are essentially grounding us from moving around freely in the world? We cant go from one island to another (to gather for instance) without having for spend a fortune? It needs me be made easier, or at least far cheaper?


The last one I have is more of a bug that might need to be fixed..


- Cancelling a building

Just yesterday, I went through the process of gathering for about an hour, then I had to spend 30 minutes travelling on my ox to get to another city which was cheaper than QM so I could refine the res I needed to upgrade some buildings on my island, then I had to travel back.. After all this, I was happilly idling in between hammering the stone into my building.. However, while I was at around 240 /300 stone, I accidentally cancelled to go get some more, and guess what? Not only did I have to hammer in all the res again? But I also LOST all the resources I had already put into the building.. Why!? Surely the game could at least return the resources you had used once there was a cancellation?? These were only T3 resources and I got incredibly annoyed.. Imagine they were T5? Once again.. Please Fix?!??

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