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Some players complain that there is no value to go Hellgates, because you will not find anyone here, either enemies nor Derrick's team, all in all, none would like go to Hellgates, so are Hellgates going to die?

Albion Online: What Happened to Hellgates

Some players complain that there is no value to go Hellgates, because you will not find anyone here, either enemies nor Derrick's team, all in all, none would like go to Hellgates, so are Hellgates going to die?


First of course is the argument that with the two new lower tier hellgates, you have in fact catered for all those who want a lower risk/reward scenario.


My main reasoning is that this game needs its Rock Stars. Having top tiered, highly geared teams gives you something to aim for more albion gold, and a sense of purpose to aspire to.

With applying t8 mats in territories, and making them raidable you have also made tier8 gear achieveable by lower tier guilds.


Right now Derrick and his strong team is the Moby Dick of the hellgates. You meet them you die. However, they are also the team to beat which makes it really interesting. Again risk and reward, meeting them implies a huge risk - but the reward equally great. The same goes for hellgates in general (If the loot was like before hector), then as long as you dont meet them every time which technically is impossible then there is plenty of other fights and loot to be had to fund the loss of meeting that team - it wont be the same issue after launch as long as loot is attractive enough, plus right now everyone tests out new gear and that can only be done in yellow hellgates due to the levelling ceiling.


Albion Online: What Happened to Hellgates


So a few days ago i had the luxury of meeting Derricks team 2 times in a row, and they just rolled us. We dont lose often, but we lose to that. Its a mix of them being well playing and then having a 2 tier advantage incl masteries, its all ways hard to say. However it also gives a motivation to go that extra mile it is to get to compete with that. It makes us insist on planing for max masteries and tier 8 gear, and how to reach the point where we can compete on somewhat even battlegrounds.

We watched our losses over again and again to find ways to bear a team like that. They are simply trophy kills, and when launch comes i cant wait to eventually meet them and beat them some day and carry the loot home with Derricks head on a stick(no offense meant) to show "we fucking did it" . And when that day comes, i dont want that little voice nagging at me saying " ah yes, but helped by a very, very small gentle soft cap". I dont want that, i want it to be even fight at the highest level, and gear must matter fully as this is a key moba differentiator.

I want to beat them, but i dont want artificial help in doing so. It might never happen, but the game needs it Rock Stars and prestige kills.


As a example this beta we lost maybe 10 gvg's to Elkites siege team this beta. And we kept watching the fights, then broke of to get more masteries understanding their importance, then we lost another 4 and kept learning and then we beat them 3 of the last 4 sieges we had.

A team we found unbeatable became a team we could beat. The sense of accomplishment, and the validation of the time spend to get to that point is just the greatest joy of playing a game like this. This creates the sense of real achievement, and artificially lowering the best teams ability to perform is just wrong.

Its ok to create things for the lower end with less risk and less reward, but please let the higher end guilds compete without artificial boundaries.


If anyone is old enough to remember one of the greatest movies of all times - Top Gun:

Viper: Good evening gentlemen, the temperature today is 28 degrees

Maverick: Holy shit - its Viper.

Goose: Yeah, he is probably going "Holy shit its Maverick and Goose" *nervous laugh*

Maverick and goose dies.


The initial feeling of meeting the rock stars of Albion, and how the adrenaline pumps more and you make stupid mistakes initially because you respect them to much. Its such a important part of competetive gaming


Hope that some new changes would added to Hellgates in the next evrsion, or it's hard to make a decision to go Hellgates, we usually don't want to do something hopeless, we want to get harvest by farming Hellgates!

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