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A Battleground is a Map Area (seperated from the normal openworld) where 2 Teams (Guilds or Solo Players) fight against the other team.

Albion Online Battlegrounds Guide

A Battleground is a Map Area (seperated from the normal openworld) where 2 Teams (Guilds or Solo Players) fight against the other team.

In these Battlegrounds you can play various Gameplay-Modes.. a few examples:


- Capture the Flag:


A simple "capture the flag in the middle of the map and bring it home to your spawnpoint" System. 

While a player have the flag, he walks slower & needs to be protected by his team members (he can't use fight spells without dropping the flag, just running away!).


- Area Capturing:


You have like 4-5 Areas on the Map. If a Player stays near this area, a special counter for this area ticks up / down (depends on the team that have captured it). 

If the counter is high enough, the area is captured by his team. If he leave this area (or die), another team can capture this area for their team. 

Each captured Area on the Map gives the teams points on a global team-counter (capture a area longer = more points).


The Team with the most points after like 10-15 minutes win the fight.

For the winning of such a battleground you can reward each player inside the winning team with "battleground points".

this points can then be redeemed by the players for equip, mounts, mats or other stuff.


Special Things in "The Battleground" are the following:


+ no full pvp loot

each player get the same equip & spells while being in a battleground (Like pre defined Heal, Range, Tank, Mage etc. Equip). 

Because? -> Fair PvP for everyone (!) inside the Battleground Arena. 

No T8 Player vs T1 Player or something like that.

Just fun, skill and teamplay ;)


(and new players can train here their skills without fear too much about losing their equip)


+ the earning of "Battleground Point" is based on what you really do



- carry a flag to your spawnpoint = more points for you

- help another team member killing a enemy = more points for you

- just run around and don't do anything = just get a few points (if your team wins).. not the same points as other players that really help their team, but a few

- stay idle = no points + gonna be kicked from the battleground + get replaced by another player


+ 2 Modes of "The Battleground" (Guild & Casual Mode)

- One Mode where Guild's can fight against other Guild's.. organized pvp with teamspeak & co... really skill based and organized battlegrounds

* Guild's can maybe have a leaderboard where they can climb up and down & fight agains guilds with the same skill and get custom rewards based

on their position on the leaderboard

- One Mode where Random Players are random shuffled into 2 Teams.. for casuals & players that just want some quick, fair and fun pvp (like for example the Android / iOS users)


+ Dynamic Maps

- Powerups that can be picked up (run faster, take less damage, hit stronger etc. for like 10 seconds)

- Maybe Doors / Paths you can seal / open (it takes time to do this) to make it more strategic.. 

* example: put tnt inside a cave and let it detonate.. other team then need to go another way because the path is blocked by stones


+ Fast & Easy Gameplay

- Gameplay that don't take like hours.. max time of a battleground 

should be 10-15 minutes.. (scaled by the mapsize, more or less minutes)

- Small Maps.. -> too big maps prevent a good pvp fight (imho)

- Battlegrounds take place in a seperate (!) area outside of the openworld.. 

* no random players that can interupt the fight, or change the outgoing of the battle


+ Focus is not only on killing the Enemy Team

- different game mods like CTF, Area Capture and other mods that are funny & are not only a "kill the enemy"

- strategy, teamplay and skill is the important part -> not how much players you kill or what equip you have


Okay, for the end of this post my resume ->



- Fun! (imho)

- Fair!

- Teamplay & Skill is important. not just how good your equip is & how much players are in your group

- Casuals & Players without much time (or Smartphone Users) can have a little bit of fair pvp without the need of a guild or be on some place on the map on a exact time / date (guild fights etc)

- Easy entry -> you login and just want a little pvp? join a battleground and you're middle in the fight within minutes

- Cool for Tablet / Smartphone Users -> Fast Entry & Funny (without the need of first search a player, not get ganked, lose your equip because you get a dc etc.)



- Takes the Players a little bit away from openworld pvp.

- Newbs & Casuals do more battlegrounds instead of open pvp to don't lose their equipment

- The Idea is a little bit stolen from World of Warcraft & Guild Wars 2 Battlegrounds (but still nice) :P

- ??? (post other reasons if you know some - it's a discusion.


Yeah, thats my Idea.. please post your pro / contras & what you think about this.

The moment i got this idea was while i think about GW2 WvWvW... that was a huge fun-element in gw2 for me.. a element inside the game where you rly can see progress and have a feeling like "i can change stuff".

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