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In Albion Online, BOW is not the most powerful weapons, not even a strong weapon, as most of players think, BOW really need a huge buff, then it could be compared with other weapons.

Albion Online BOW Weapon Line Guide

In Albion Online, BOW is not the most powerful weapons, not even a strong weapon, as most of players think, BOW really need a huge buff, then it could be compared with other weapons. But is the bow really a poor weapon in game? NO, NO, NO, AOSilver will tell you how to use bow with right way:

Albion Online BOW Weapon Line Guide

BOW - Enchanted Arrow is extremely strong in such a way that it stacks arrows until all 15 are used and by that time Enchanted Arrows are most likely ready again. The natural resistance shred combos well with Attack Speed Mastery (lvl.80 passive) and Explosive Arrows. The Bow is currently one of the strongest single target ranged weapons in the game and is currently in the top 10 kill fame from GvG.

  Mage Cowl - Poison can do 500+ damage over time, also useful to prevent your enemy from mounting. Force Field is also a great AOE knock back to disengage from melee.

  Mage Robe - Or any cloth robe for +58% damage. Frost Shield will provide you optimal protection for cloth builds.

  Mage Sandals - For Run or Delayed Teleport. You could use leather shoes or plate shoes for survival but as a DPS the 3.5% damage adds up especially when combined with a cloth helm for a full +7% base damage.

  Assassin Hood - Great for reducing the cooldown of Enchanted Arrows. As soon as you use Enchanted Arrows you can instantly use Meditation (-10s cooldown on all spells) without sacrificing any of your unused arrows.

  Hunter's Jacket - Haste, in addition with Enchanted Arrows makes you a resistance shredding machine. Using leather chest vs.cloth makes for a tankier build but is an unpopular for meta play. Also great for attack spreed or cooldown passive.

  Mercenary Jacket - Good for solo ganking or small encounters when you need to be tanky and need sustain. Enchanted Arrows has good synergy with Bloodlust. With this build you sacrifice much of your out going damage.

WARBOW - Warbow shines as a snipe weapon with Magic Arrow. Magic Arrow's burst damage on a low 10s cooldown makes it a great versatile weapon. Especially for solo ganking. Albeit punishing if you miss your skill shot.

  Mage Cowl - When your Magic Arrow is on cooldown, poison is great supplemental damage and anti-mounting skill.

  Assassin Hood - Instead of poison from Mage Cowl, you could rely on Poisoned Arrow and use your head slot for Meditation. Your Magic Arrow and or Frost Shot/Speed Shot will be ready again instantly.

  Assassin Jacket - Cloth chest is great for the added +58% damage passive. But with Assassin Jacket's Ambush and Magic Arrow combo, you may deal as much as +50% damage while giving yourself the defense and stealth you need. Also great for the cooldown or health and energy regeneration passive.

LONGBOW - One of the best PvE silver farming weapons in the game with triple AOE's on your Q, W and E. It is a good ZvZ weapon but it's short channeled Rain of Arrows range leaves you vulnerable to mage spells and tank CC.

  Cleric Cowl - You'll need Ice Block to protect yourself from all your AOE aggro in PvE. Also helpful in PvP in case you're caught out of position.

  Mage Robe - Or any cloth robe for +58% damage or full Speed Casting for a quicker Rain of Arrows channel.

  Mercenary Boots - An option for an extra survival skill in PvE. While Ice Block is on cooldown you can use Invisibility to de-aggro.

WHISPERING BOW - The longest auto-attack range in the game. You are able to snipe as far as territory towers and single out enemy cloth users in a gank. Undead Arrows cooldown is relatively short at 20s which stacks well with Mage Cowl poison and Explosive Arrows. It is currently the most popular GvG bow at the moment for it's good damage and superior poke range; a secured hit rather than chancy Warbow skill shot that may hit the tank instead of the back line.

  Mage Cowl - You'll need the extra damage. You already have superior range.

  Mage Robe - Or any cloth for +58% damage.

  Mage Sandals - For Run and extra damage. Whispering Bow hardly takes aggro in PvE unless you have the highest tier/enchanted DPS weapon in your party. Or you Explosive Arrow AOE neutral mobs.

WAILING BOW - One of strongest weapons in the game (and also one of the most expensive) for a ZvZ, gank or GvG. Carrying a Wailing Bow in any occasion will strike fear or envy (to steal your weapon) in any of your foes. Let's just say, if you see a Demon Arrow flying your way just pray it's your allies arrow and not your enemies.

  Cloth or Leather - Extra damage or protection, either way your damage is already deadly. You'd probably want to consider Frost Shot and cloth cowl Force Field to heavily disengage as you are a high priority target.

Alright, you can exploit BOW as an powerful weapon in Albion Online now, with AOSilver's guide above! But if you don't want to upgrade weapons with long time costing and hard working in game, you can choose to buy Albion Online silver and gold from us, then you have enough materials to build your STRONGEST BOW!

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