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Do you have any ideas about Albion Online Daggers, the hidden weapon in the game. I have spent a lot of time on daggers, I want to get more advantages among all gamers, and I did it! So I want to share my daggers experience with you.

Albion Online Daggers - the Hidden Weapon

Do you have any ideas about Albion Online Daggers, the hidden weapon in the game. I have spent a lot of time on daggers, I want to get more advantages among all gamers, and I did it! So I want to  share my daggers experience with you.


I'll start with what I think should be the concept of daggers inside of a game, followed by the dagger skills. Last but not least I would like too introduce you to my dagger changes. Get thrilled and let the fun begin.


Daggers, are a hidden weapon that are used for fast and deadly strikes. Daggers are usually used for rogue/thief/scout like classes. Thus dagger skills should be about fast movement, quick burst combos and possibly soft cc, they should not be about fighting an opponent toe to toe. Furthermore, dagger users should use every cheap trick at their disposal to defeat the opponent, since overwhelming strength nor magic prouness are their field of expertise. In short a fast, bursty weapon with some nasty tricks to overcome the potential threat of albion.




Disclaimer; I won't mention energycost or damage numbers, since I want to take a look at the synergy of the weapon!




Sunder armor, hits the target with the weapon, decreasing the targets armor and magic resistance by a short amount, for 5 seconds. Stacks up 3-times. Cooldown 3 seconds, range meele, casttime instant


Sunder armor is the only q-slot available for the dagger line. A stacking debuff that is cleansable. Too reach max stacks, if only q is used, one will need 6 seconds. Additionaly the stacks only have a direct interaction with the .2 dagger e-ability.


Albion Online Daggers - the Hidden Weapon


A very akward skill if you look at the dagger from my perspective. Why should small knives be able to weaken armor? Why are you forcing a thief like character to stay close for 6 seconds to reach the maximum of stacks? It feels very unfluent and punishes you with a long built uptime, after you came close enough to stack it up. No bueno!!




Infiltration, after a short delay () teleports you to the target area and puts all targets to sleep for a long duration. The sleep will get interrupted by any source of damage. cooldown 15 seconds, range 11m, casttime instant


A spell that combines cc with movement. Yet long animation time and the fact that you can't cancel the teleport makes it hard too use for pvp. Somewhat usefull for solo pve, since it gives you an excellent initiation.


Dash, quickely dashes to the targeted area. Casttime instant, quick travel time, range 7m, cooldown 8 seconds


The movementskill for pvp. It is on a very low cooldown, allows for a quick reactiv playstyle, while offering a way to engage and disengage. With a good reaction time and good ping, one is able to dodge skillshots with it. Only drawback, it offers movement, nothing more or less. Less usefull for pve.


Healing debuff, strikes the target and reduces the healing recieved by 42ish% for 5 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds, casttime instant, range meele


Interesting choice of skill, gives the dagger more then just damage for pvp. Downing a target will be faster with this debuff on him. Feels wasted for pve, since the amount of healing mobs inside the game are very low.



1. Poison, applies a poison too your blade that enhances your autoattacks with extra magical damage. Lasts for 8 seconds or the next 5 autoattacks. Cast time instant, range self, cooldown


Personally I dont like this skill. To get maximum damage, you need 5 autoattacks, q-slot attacks won't proc it, neither does the w-slot healing debuff. Thus forcing you to become some sort of a warrior, mindlessly beating on your target. With the current lack of cc on the dagger, utilizing this skill forces the player to invest heavily into movement. Sadly there is no interaction with the q-stacks what so ever. Except for the armor/magic resist shredd. Furthermore, why does a poison not poison the enemy hit, but increase the damage dealt to the target? I can see the usefullness for pve, yet the uses for pvp are limited until you have the speed or the cc on your side to proc it.


2. Assassination, deals a high amount of damage to a single target, the damage dealt is calculated by the number of sunder armor stacks upon the enemy. The more, the merrier. Casttime instant, range meele, cooldown 20seconds


A strong single target burst spell, consumes the stacks that you have to get up, otherwise your burst will lack a punch. Sadly the stacks are cleansable and very easy to avoid. It buggs me everytime that an assassin has to wait 3-6 seconds, upon reaching it's target, before it can deliver he final blow. It just doesnt feel right. The whole concept of stacking, before you can burst doesnt fit a meele weapon without any cc at all. Dagger pairs, as of now, are a meele burst without any means of delivering that burst, only after a big investment into movement.


3. Disembowl, jumps towards the target unleashing a flurry of strikes. The target gets rooted in place for the duration of the spell. Lasts 3 seconds, cooldown 30 seconds, range 7-8 m, casttime instant


The ultimate move of the claws, a one trick pony move per se. It offers a strong single target cc, combined with decent damage over time. As every other channeled ability inside of the game, any kind of hard cc will stop the channel completly. Again the q-stacks don't benifit this ability directly, plus the long cooldown of the e make it very punishing, if countered or interrupted.


That's all my daggers experiences in Albion Online, would this help you?

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