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I’d firstly like to say that I really love this game, with all it’s fun moments and it’s shortcomings, and this post serves as nothing more than suggestions for which I’d like the community’s feedback.

Albion Online Factions/PvP/Guilds

Hey all, I’d firstly like to say that I really love this game, with all it’s fun moments and it’s shortcomings, and this post serves as nothing more than suggestions for which I’d like the community’s feedback. Maybe we can get a dev to see something if we are constructive about it instead of forum trolls about it.



2.Faction Armor

3.Faction Conquest




We have three great factions at play within the world of Albion.






Why aren’t the players a part of these factions? If players could choose which faction they were a part of, and then fight for that faction.


If the Albion map was re-designed in a way that allowed each faction a green zone, a yellow zone that was perhaps a little more shared, and then a central red zone in which factions fight for glory! If on the red maps, and even the yellow ones, there could be strongholds that a faction must capture, and whichever faction holds that stronghold gets a bonus on resources collected from that map. This would promote zone control outside of a GvG scenario.


I believe there should also be waypoints in this red zone that lead to a separate continent, the all-black zone. Open PvP, even within factions, all is allowed within the black zone. It is here that I propose continuing the current GvG style of conquest.


2.Faction Armor

The current faction armors really don’t offer anything that interesting or particularly useful. Sure, the .3 Plate wearers can have 25% damage if they choose, and that’s a hefty cost for a lackluster skill set.


What if we made faction armors a .4 tier. They ONLY gain fame through PvPing, and when you slay an enemy, you gain a Kill Mark of their respective faction. You may use the kill marks in addition to required resources to craft each tier of armor.


I also believe the .4 faction armors should offer ALL of the passives and ALL of the actives of a line. .4 Plate Chest can use any plate chest Active, and has access to the passives of ALL trees.


It would be even MORE interesting, if there was stat allocation to these armors. For example, upon creation you could choose 10% Damage vs 10% more resistances. Or any middle ground on that scale. This would allow each player to have a truly custom set-up to their desires.


I would like to extend this idea to weapons. A .4 that can choose from any of it’s trees skill sets. As well as choose a unique buff of either +HP, +Damage, +Attack Speed etc.


Albion Online Factions/PvP/Guilds


3.Faction Conquest

On top of my previous ideas on a change of map/addition of factions and how that might affect PvP, I would love to see some daily/weekly/monthly event actions.




I propose that an RNG timer (set between like 10 minutes and 3 hours) spawns a Boss mob of incredible strength. The kind that takes more than 15 players to kill. When this Boss is spawned I would have it announced as a Pop-Up box to everyone playing the game that this mob has spawned as well as what map it is on. The rewards for the faction that kills this mob, are everyone who did more than 1000 damage to the boss receive X amount of Kill Marks. Thus advancing them in their .4 gathering.




On a weekly basis, at SCHEDULED times, it would be very interesting to have a Faction Deity descend into Albion. One faction gets their deity every week, and that faction must protect the deity for 2 hours. If the deity survives the 2 hours, that faction gains a hefty sum of albion online silver, gold, kill marks and a weekly buff to gathering speed. (or some combination of whatever)


This system would pit two factions against one, while also putting all three enemy factions into the same map. All enemy players on the same map as the deity when it dies would receive a half sized reward (since it’s split between two factions rather than all going to one).




On a month to month basis, it would be very interesting to see each faction elect a leader/sub leaders of the faction. The leader would be the one scheduling the weekly deity descents of their faction.


The leaders and sub leaders (say 2?) could receive items with month long durations. Say a cape, that offers +500HP to the leader and +250HP to the sub leaders, BUT when that player is in a PvP zone wearing the cape, they are flagged for all to see on the minimap. Killing this player could offer a bonus reward of kill marks. The capes obviously would not drop on death.



Currently, too many players can be in the same guild. I believe guilds should be limited by fame.




0 Player Kill Guild Fame: Max 20 people


100’000 Player Kill Guild Fame: Max 25 people


1’000’000 Player Kill Guild Fame: Max 30 people


10’000’000 Player Kill Guild Fame: Max 35 people


100’000’000 Player Kill Guild Fame: Max 40 people


I believe that this would make it more difficult for single guilds to control the entire black zone.

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