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Although I am guessing the goal wasn't to make farming harder, the following things inadvertently made farming and feeding buildings more difficult (and less fun) in this beta...

Albion Online Farmer Guides

Although I am guessing the goal wasn't to make farming harder, the following things inadvertently made farming and feeding buildings more difficult (and less fun) in this beta...


Island upgrade costs are much higher making many people avoid the last couple upgrades, at least for now. That means less farms at our disposal.


No more fast travel in black zones which means we must caravan the food from cities to territories. No longer can off-peak players contribute by being a farmer. They now need to work together in groups to get buildings fed.


A larger game world means more traveling with the food. Food weight and having to deliver it over long distances makes traveling with food more daunting than the task of farming and cooking it. Not to mention it is now very dangerous and loosing a load of food can be devastating to a guild waiting for it to be able to craft. Risk is good, but we should be rewarded for the risk.


Adding in the Study mechanic adds a whole new amount of taxing on the nutrition of buildings. As people study more, the buildings are getting drained farm more quickly than we can refill them.


Their is no hard limit on crafting, refining and studying but we do have a hard limit of time on farming as we can only farm so much until the farms are done for the day. This means very active crafting guilds are finding huge food shortages and are feeling punished for having such an active base of gatherers and crafters because the food limit has essentially become their crafting limit. 


These things make being a farmer for a guild much more difficult. I knew that I could not be online during peek times so I chose to contribute to my guild in a farming role as I could do that much more on my own time. Unfortunately, I can't transport the food safely without protection or shifty login/logout-bubble-territory-hopping shenanigans.


Albion Online Farmer Guides


So I'm not here to whine about it, rather to point out that some of these changes in the game have, perhaps unintentionally, made lives more difficult on farmers.


A couple of improvements that might help show some love to farmers...

Some kind of donation/dropbox system where farmers could deposit their food to the the guild and designated transporters/caravan leaders could withdrawl the food to help carry it to the territories.


Lighten the load on the food. Currently it's lighter to carry the unrefined food than it is to carry the cooked food. This is backwards from the rest of the resources in the game. Can you make the cooked foods much lighter for us?

Make studying not use up nutrition


Make the cook station not require feeding. I mean, the dude is literally telling me that he won't make me soup until I give him soup. How does that make sense. Especially when he has a big pot of soup right in front of him!


Lower the amount of food needed to fill the refining stations. Refining stations, at least in my aliance, seem to be a huge food sink. We literally give them thousands of their favorite foods and in the matter of a day they go from 100% to 10% because of how much we craft. When their is no limit on how much we craft yet we are limited by a hard limit on how much food we can farm each day, this puts a hard wall on our crafting potential when the crafters have to stop playing be cause we hit a hard limit for the day of all our available food.


Significantly increase the nutrition bonus for using favorite foods. Other than soups and salads, it seems completely not worth it right now to craft favorite food items for most of the buildings versus just giving them carrot soup. Make it HIGHLY beneficial to make the favorite foods so we have a significant incentive to do so please! This will make it more fun and help give some value to leveling up food versus just making lots of soup. Right now, when you crunch all the numbers including nutrition value, weight, feeding the animals, nutritional value, etc, it's mathmatically more beneficial to just feed the buildings carrot soup in many cases. Not all, but most.


I should point out that I farm because I think it is fun to make buff food and potions and give them out to guildies. I feel valuable to the guild when I do that. It is fun to me. What is not fun is spending 3 hours a day farming carrots and another 3 hours trying to organize convoys to help transport those soups around the map just to feed the buildings, especially to only hear complaints that the buildings are out of food despite those efforts. This feels more like a chore than fun and if not changed, the game will loose a lot of crafters and farmers which are the heart of this game because of a few simple things that have such an impact on making the majority of our play time not fun.

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