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So what i want to address is the lack of control a guild has over resources other than silver gathered by its members.

Albion Online Guild is Out of Control

So what i want to address is the lack of control a guild has over resources other than silver gathered by its members. I f you are running a guild based on everyone putting everything they have or maybe a percentage of everything gathered, crafted or any how acquired.. there is not real way to ensure that all members are fully participating in that program.


In my guild, I run the market deals for us. I take surplus goods to be sold on the normal auction house as well as work very hard in obtaining good deals on needed items or buying and reselling certain commodities. I am also the leader of the guild though. So i can trust that this process is moving along always in best interest of the group and our collective capital. 


Now the idea is that all gatherers donate jsut about all they're gathered mats, and crafters all crafted goods. and only 70% of silver since the guilds silver grows more quickly off of our trades than a silver tax.

This asks a lot but we do literally supply everything to the guild. things we cant craft we have no problem buying because of the way our system works any gaps in crafting our covered by sale of surplus items. Members are well taken care of i think they'd say themselves. upgrades in mounts at the moment they are ready. extra sets of enchanted gear to go along with their normal gear they'd risk more. but this isn't a guild ad just having you see why we ask for so much... because we intend to give alot back.


The reason i had to go through those points is, with a high pay back to the guild as well as money spent in progressing our island and craft to sale ventures, it only works if all those members receiving these benefits give back entirely to complete the cycle and supply them with the next upgrades they'll need or replacements. As well as the next tier buildings for our island to progress their crafting skills.


Right now what i do to make sure gatherers are putting in what they gather and crafters the same.. i have to audit the player's stats regularly to look for large spikes. Problem here is that could be from gold of their own which the guild does not ask for. (we don't ask for donations of the side silver of 30% built up EVER, nor gold so far)

as well in order to find out which players are putting in goods or resources i would need to have buy orders up on our guild auction house to later read in the mail which character i bought it from to keep in mind they've been pulling their weight. This however ties the resources up in my completed trades section before crafters could begin working with them. while this control si actually good to make sure everything is used in the best way... once u have the best way established and can trust members to continue to work as efficiently, this just becomes a bottle neck.

beyond that... with our system the only slowed down ox ever leaving the guild island should be mine unless we are about to release goods for a transport run. so i could watch for that as well to see if people are taking good or resources out of our cycle before the guild itself gets to profit from them. but that would be ridiculous to try to do all the time...


We also run a large risk of anyone leaving and taking most of our items from our auction house which is currently the best method we've found to make items available immediately for guildies. This problem i'm not entirely sure how to work around.... but i think this could be a start..


Albion Online Guild is Out of Control


Have a guild deposit box. trusted officers or above maybe would be able to sort the goods out and leave them for different groups of crafters or something.

also crafting and gathering orders... a player who gathers alto of something could turn in certain amount at a time and fill a gathering order which would work like completing a quest but you wouldn't need to have started it before u gathered its only based off of what you turn in. Say each order is for 100 of any given mat. A guild leader or crafting supervisor within the guild should be able to look up the amount of orders they've been filling to keep track of work put in. this doesnt ensure they are giving all the gathered mats to the guild if your guild requires it like mine... but it does but shine on those guildies really kicking ass putting into the system for the good of the guild.


Also have crafting assignments but these would work exactly like quests... Say i can make t4 pick axes... and the guild has put in orders for 100 of them to have around for gatherers replacement or maybe to be sold whatever.. I would pick up that order for 100 pickaxes.. this would ensure only i work on the order and avoid having 200 pickaxes and that amount fo resources less for other orders to be filled. A crafter would only be able to take an order for something they can already craft. they would take the craft order to the deposit box or supply depot maybe if we develop something like that...and there would be a button that gives you the amount of resources you would need for the order. automatically. You complete the order and put the 100 pickaxes or whatevers in the deposit box for your guild to do with what they want.

Now if a crafter made the goods.. and then never turned in the order but kept the axes.. youd be able to kick him.. as he would not be able to grab another assignment till he completed his. I even think you should be able to garnish his silver until his order is filled by buying pickaxes with the silver his character picks up until the 100 are in the guilds hands are available to be picked up ( to not undermine logistics mechanics)


I think things like the deposit box and or supply depot would make ti easier to know people are putting int he same amount of work in a guild, which i'm sure in any communist guild all members are worried about doing more work than anyone else and receiving the same pay back as slackers.


I also think a grab and go armory would be nice. A place where guild members now all gear there is fine to go ahead an grab as needed and maybe even risk-able. while the better gear needed for high tier activities or fights would be controlled by officers to ensure having it when needed and no frivolous loss. Tools, horses, armor, weapons, everything ready to be taken ( hopefully limited to things the player can equip and one set at a time somehow.) all available for guildies from the island itself or a particular building maybe.


Also if there were trackers on literal amount of each tier and type nodes a gatherer has gathered, and some number tracked on how many they have given to the guild guilds like mine could ensure participation in the agreed upon join terms.

same with crafting.


what else was there...

oh a loss tracker as well... In a guild like mine we woudl need to be able to identify if someone is out there losing the free replacement items they receive over and over again. not as much to fight treachery but just... target very weak links unfortunately. This would also give that particular player evidence they need to play smarter anyway tho, and likely better them.


some other small suggestions... for guilds with even HIGHER tax rates than mine that leave no rooms for repair money or anything for emergencies. some sort of allowance program for low level members to be able to withdraw an amount they may need for repairs or for an inexpensive lateral fast travel if they don't get rid of that altogether.


in hardcore communist guilds make an option for any item they pickup never allowed to be traded outside of the guild unless by a high enough ranking officer... this would for things like some members donating found dire wolf pups.. and other member deciding hey want 2 to 3 mil of personal cash. As well this would eliminate players in guilds with that sort of setting being tempted to get something precious back alone to sell for themselves just to lose it because they had no support,


a broadcast mode for party leaders. if player could maybe just hear a broadcast of instruction from they raid leader or party leader who is shot calling in dungeons or pvp alot more people would be useful even if they can still only type back. but with pvp being so fast paced... and so many people not having mics not even wanting to go download communication apps like ts3 because they can't talk back on them.

NOTE ON THIS ONE^ i know that can be nearly obtained if those people would just listen in on a channel of ts or something similar.. but if they did it through the game audio... this would allow people to join group short notice and take instruction fine, as opposed to having to go download.. register... fuck around with.. get lost in.. and then finally connect to the party to listen.

let's not leave our download challenged friends behind.... we all ahev that friend.. you probably recruited them to play with you... you had to download the client for them... you had to take them out of developer mode... how did u even do that?!? you had to connect to the ts server for them the first three times... lets let them in on the 1337 instruction from pro leaders.... without those (really easy but still) hoops to jump through


then aside from some bitches in a hot tub on my guild island; think that's all i got for suggestions.

Hope this helps move toward a better guild experience.

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