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Hi, Albion fans, I am Cruzify and I was invited to to talk about how to use Melee Healer Weapons with right ways in the game, if you want to know the secrets of Melee Healer Weapons, just listen to me

Albion Online Melee Healer Weapons Guide

Hi, Albion fans, I am Cruzify and I was invited to aosilver to talk about how to use Melee Healer Weapons with right ways in the game, if you want to know the secrets of  Melee Healer Weapons, just listen to me:


Why Healing based on HP?


If we focus the Healing done around the damage done, then it would most likely cause Balance Issues due to a Healer Class being able to go full cloth and dish out somewhat good damage while healing for insane amounts only sacrificing tankiness. Would make for a great backline Healer but most probably not suitable for the frontlines.


Base Healing on MAX or BASE HP?


This is something that could be open for discussion as a Weapon that does Healing based on base HP, would consistently deliver their HPS and open up possibilities for a other utility spells on the side. On the other hand a weapon that does healing based on Max HP would make for interesting synergies with certain buff foods and HP increasing Cooldowns that could then be used as offensive healing cooldowns. (Giant f.e.)


Should the weapon still do damage?


A melee character should definitely do damage. Seeing as your weapon will be considered a healing weapon, its damage should be on par with Tanks or maybe even less.


What weapons should be available?


Just like the current ranged healing weapons group, i feel like we could supply 3-4 Melee Healing Weapons with different toolkits that focus on different healing playstyles.


Albion Online Melee Healer Weapons Guide


Example: Holy Hammer. 2 handed Weapon. Focuses on doing direct healing to close friendly targets depending on the amount of targets that he hits with his abilities.

Q = Holy Strike, Hits the enemy and smites him for X holy damage. Does Y% of your max health as healing to the lowest health friendly party member within Z yards. 2 seconds cooldown.

W = Holy Chains, cleanses a X yard area within Y yards range. After 1 second delay Chains burst out of the middle of the circle and pull every enemy target to the center of the area and roots them in place for 5 seconds. 20 seconds cooldown.

E = Holy Smash, The wielder lifts the Hammer above his head and smashes down onto the ground in front of him. All targets within an W yard range are slowed by 30% for 3 seconds and are struck with X holy damage. Does Y% of your max health as healing to the 3 lowest party members within Z yards for every enemy hit. 10 seconds cooldown.


This would be an exemplary toolkit for such a melee healer. Other toolkits could be also one handed weapons that allow for an Offhand to be worn with them.

For example as HoT based builds.


Example: Holy Blade: 1 handed Weapon. Focuses on granting Healing over time effects to nearby targets while doing damage with abilities.

E= Sanctification, Sanctifies the ground beneath you by ramming your sword imbued with Holy Power into the ground. All allies that touch the ground get healed for Y% of your max health over the next 10 seconds and move 20% faster for the duration of the Healing over Time effect. Purges movement impairing effects for all friendly targets that move through. 8 seconds duration, 30 seconds cooldown.


Another possibiliy would be utility based builds that evolve around granting buffs to friendlies in range, debuffs to enemies in range and absorb effects instead of direct heals to friendly targets within range.


Example: Holy Flail: 2 handed Weapon. Focuses on strengthening friendly players and weakening enemy foes.

Q = Pound, Pounds the ground beneath the enemy target for W Holy Damage. Everytime you strike an enemy, all enemys within close proximity get their movement speed decreased by X. Stacks 3 times. Also grants an absorb effect to the lowest hp friendly target within Y range for Z% of your max health. 2 seconds cooldown.

E= Roar of the Crusader, Lets out a bellowing roar that weakens the enemys resolve and motivates friendly units. All enemys within range of the Roar get their resistances decreased heavily. All Allies within range are granted 30% increased movement speed and 10% increased damage. Lasts 8 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.


Last but not least we could introduce a weapon that grants selfbuffing abilities through doing damage (stacking resistances f.e.) and a core mechanic that evolves around sacrificing Health to mitigate damage towards friendly targets within close range.


Ok, that's all about Albion Online Melee Healer Weapons, yes, all I know has told you guys, so you can test what I said in game now, I am sure you will be surprised! Thanks again for aosilver's invitation, thank you for the amazing albion onlind gold support, hope we will have another cooperation soon!

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