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After the recent announcement of the new Map and GvG mechanics for the upcoming Beta2, a considerable number of people expressed their concern about the inexistent opportunities to have organized group PvP (GvG) outside the Outlands.

Albion Online New Beta2 Map: Yellow and Red GvG

After the recent announcement of the new Map and GvG mechanics for the upcoming Beta2, a considerable number of people expressed their concern about the inexistent opportunities to have organized group PvP (GvG) outside the Outlands. Without yellow and red zone GvG, there is no way to mentor new players into this important and specific aspect of the game, no opportunities to earn gradual experience prior to hardcore black zone GvG fights.


It seems quite obvious that the creation of yellow and red zone GvG objectives in the Islands is a simple way to dramatically improve this situation (from absolute zero to something fine, that has been tested and liked), opening space to a meaningful existence for small and new guilds, and allowing new players to experience the specifics of GvG with gear equality and progressively develop skill and confidence to dispute the Outlands. It seems quite obvious that, once the big Guilds and their experienced players install themselves in the black zones, it becomes increasingly harder for any new guilds and players to find any space there, because their absolute inexperience would be easily pulverized by players with hundreds of GvG battles fought.


Although several players have consistently expressed their concern and directly asked the Developers for their view on this matter, they did not grace us with any specific answer so far.


Albion Online New Beta2 Map: Yellow and Red GvG


During the upcoming Beta, the existing players will once again be gathering experience, an asset way more important than gear, way more decisive than any time zone restrictions and whatnot. Those who have more experience at this moment, will be learning more about the game than those who have recently entered, because they will have more and better opportunities for doing so. The gap keeps getting wider because: (1) the opportunities for new players and guilds to earn GvG experience at the current Beta are already infinitly smaller than the ones who are dominating the map (most PvP has currently been relegated to yellow zones, the only place where anything meaningful/fun can happen), (2) it gets worse in the new Map, with no option except getting creamed in the Outlands. So, we are already looking at a game release point which is dominated by the ones who currently have the experience, and will further increase it during the next Beta. If action does not take place now, the barrier for entering the game will keep getting higher and higher, killing any change of freshness and adventure for any upcoming player or guild.


This has already been happening, throughout Alpha and Beta, and the Castle event shows some of its consequences (aberrations might be a better word here).


Experience is, and should be, important. I for one have great respect for those who earn it. However, if those who are joining do not have the same opportunities to earn experience at any point in time than the ones who are already in, then something is wrong with the game and needs to be fixed!


So, in my sincere investment to help in the improvement of Albion Online, a game in which I see great potential and where am hoping to have loads of fun:

» I invite all players who share this concern to post here in a constructive way, share their views, and help to fix this situation

» I invite the Developers to also post here, acknowledge our concern, and present their view on the situation


Am adding my previous post below, as I believe it remains fully relevant and unanswered.


Best wishes for a good and fruitful discussion!

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