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Rerolling of items would affect the economy in a positive way if it was made more expensive. It would make it more satisfying to craft high quality items, and it would make more sense to have the crafter harvest the benefit from having a high skill.

Albion Online Reroll and Money Sink Brainstorm

Rerolling of items would affect the economy in a positive way if it was made more expensive. It would make it more satisfying to craft high quality items, and it would make more sense to have the crafter harvest the benefit from having a high skill, rather than just giving players the posibility to reroll the quality super cheap.

It also has the added benefit of making salads make more sense at all crafting levels. And it makes the developers able to add rare loot to bosses that can be used to increase quality of items or crafts.


If we remove one money sink, however, we need to place other money sinks in the game. This is my attempt to start a public brainstorm over the topic:

How can we add more moneysinks to the game, or make rerolling less hurtful to the economy?


I'll split the ideas into different categories: "Increase price of...", "Redesign..." and "New money sinks" should fit most suggestions.


Increase the price of

Fast travel - The price of fast travelling with items needs to go up. There is absolutely no denying it. With the current prices, there is absolutely no reason to manually walk from A to B with a set of gear. Obviously the price of fast travelling with low tier items should be fairly low. High tier items should be so expensive to fast travel with, that players will basically never do it.

This would increase the money sink a bit. But not in any way fix the money sink issue, since the whole idea of this rebalancing is to prevent people from using fast travel.


Albion Online Reroll and Money Sink Brainstorm


Repair items - The price of repairing items could be ajusted up a bit. This also wouldn't do much to the fundamental problem, since higher repair cost will only serve to reduce an hourly income of, say, 500k, to an hourly income of 50k.

If we take it to the extremes, then T8 items and above could be so expensive to repair that you ended up not making silver at all on dungeon runs. This would put the players in a situation where they have to choose between faster fame/loot and lower silver gain. I'm not quite sure that this would affect the community in a positive way, however.


Territory upkeep -

Launching attacks - There are several discussions about increasing the price of launching attacks. This could be a part of the solution. But it would affect the economy on a guild-scale. The fundamental problem of increased inflation is happening on the individual scale. So the solution to the problem should preferrably be on the same scale.



Reroll items - In stead of removing reroll altogether, make it so that only crafters with the appropriate crafting skill can reroll items. The price should also be slightly increased. Maybe even add a reagent required for the reroll (something that drops from bosses perhaps?).

This would lessen the reroll vs. crafter dillemma. But it wouldn't be the perfect solution, since the whole idea of this rebalance is to make it more rewarding for players to craft high quality items.


New money sinks

Consumables -



If you have any ideas for money sinks or redesigns, let me know. I'll try to compile all good (and bad) ideas.

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