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Hi, guys, I am going to show you some ways to get more albion online silver in the game. I started playing Albion at the beginning of this phase of testing.

Albion Online Silver Farming Strategy

Hi, guys, I am going to show you some ways to get more albion online silver in the game. I started playing Albion at the beginning of this phase of testing. Now I am by no means someone whose advice you should be following, but I wanted this discussion up so fellow Albion players can throw in different bits of advice, and suggestions on what new and veteran players can do to get a head start with the silver.


What did I bring to the table this phase

This phrase of testing I mainly focused on mount crafting (trollface...thats been made harder thx Albion) now mount crafting was always expensive and timely. The reason I was successful this time around was because I mass grew, mass bought, and sold them barely over the cost they were to make barely 5-10% profit per mount. Once I had enough silver I made my own stables in a city, so I could take advantage of the 10% return (only 10%?!?! but when your making 300 mounts a day that equals 30 mounts at 100% profit). Now I know I would of got more from a yellow/red/black zone but time is silver + risk factor of getting ambushed carrying 4 Dire Bear I can imagine being rather unpleasant.


Once I had the silver I soon got into buying a few buildings in the city of Smokey Bay (Still there now) so the rest of my guild Casual United at the time had buildings to use for free with 10% return, these buildings also gave me about the same money back at the end of the month. Now once you to be one of the top players in your field you can start branching out to others by using pure silver to mass craft items, with the implemented learning now live it is going to be even more important to have silver if you want to stay ahead of your competition.


But how did I get silver?


So how did I get enough silver to start mount crafting? This is the most simple strategy yet most people overlook or don't have the time to implement. You simply buy for cheap and sell WHATEVER it is for more silver. But its not as simple as that you need to read the market and do research about the niche or niches your trying to buy and sell. So for example you might start the game and think I am going to focus on crafting bows/gathering lumber, so to ME this means you should have good knowledge on the prices of logs and planks and even the runes. Every time you are at a market just put in logs/runes/planks and keep an eye at the cost, get to know what the average cost is then start buying any cheap ones and re-auctioning them for the average cost.


Buy Orders

Buy Orders are SOOOOO overlooked you want to be putting buy orders on your niche (the product your selling/focusing on) below that "average" cost we talked about a minute ago. If you know a T2 log sells for 100 most of the time and the lowest buy order is at 50 at the moment then you want to place a order for 51 in that market. I would even say its worth it up to 10% of that average cost, although the closer you get to that average/normal price the more risk/less profit there is.


So to sum up if your T2 logs are selling for 95, then there will hardly be any profit if they are only selling for 100 silver. And for all you know the average price might drop 10 silver tomorrow meaning all the logs you bought are now losing you silver, always leave a good 10-20% profit margin to account for the chance of loss.


Trading Channel


Again another over looked method of getting silver, you will be surprised by the amount of players who cant be bothered putting their wares on markets. Who prefer to just sell outright to another player over chat. Now its more annoying to do well than marketing because you have to actual use bartering skills, the amount of times I have haggled a few thousand silver but it all adds up in the beginning.


Being aware of the trade channel also makes you aware of the other main traders on the server, and if your smart you will keep in contact with these traders in each field. For example if I wanted leather I used to have 2-3 people I knew who were constantly selling and if your constantly buying asking for a discount is not offensive, its normal.


Albion Online Silver Farming Strategy


Add the person who you see selling mounts all the time and ask them to msg you when they have some good offers, add people who are crafting the armour your advancing in etc untill you have a nice network of people you can contact. Because believe me they will also have contacts and there will be a time you cant get your hands on a particular log/run/plank and I can almost guarantee one of your friends friends will have it.


Buying Property 


I would be very careful with this after this wipe as the cost to upkeep buildings with the increased value in food has shot through the roof, and even though there will be a big influx of crops I believe food prices are still going to be pretty steep, mainly because of the amount of food needed for mounts and building upkeep. But like I mentioned before I would 100% recommend trying to get your hands on, in this example a lumberjack building or a archery building or both. As these are your main things your focusing on and free crafting + 10% will easily make the money back you've spent to set it up. As longs as your actively crafting.




My knowledge of this strategy is lacking as I left the PVE/P till later in my gaming life. But knowing what I know now I would suggest having two characters a crafter and a PVE/P'er. As going through dungeons in Albion is where all the silver actually comes from, minus the people selling gold for silver to start with. So you can have all the trading experience in the world in the first few days, but its going to be the people killing mobs who have the silver to begin with.


I recommend getting your crafter alt to a city in which you will be using as your HQ, this time around I would probably put him in Queensmarket even if the guild I am in is else where. Then using your PVE/P'ER to run dungeons with your guild, or party, I would definitely learn gathering on your PVE/P'er as you will very often need to kill animals to get to your resource node.




If you have any.... But if you do then get to know them, I have a few friends in game that I have asked if I can use their islands for farming after the wipe. You would be surprised with the amount of pure pvpers in the game who could not care less about private islands, and in my case offer them discount/free mounts for the privilege of using them they are actually happy to do this.


Buying/Selling Gold


I have been in a constant battle with myself in how I am going to conduct myself after the wipe, for those of you who don't know gold is pretty much worthless when you first start. I dont know the exact figure but your probably going to get 1:1 or some kind of crap silver ratio for your gold. BUUUT at the same time silver is crucial to your start.


So do you take the gamble of selling your silver to buy cheap products as items wont be selling instantly on day one, while will result in plenty of undercutting. Or do you do the opposite run dungeons and BUUUUYYY loads of gold while everyone's selling netting you a healthy profit in a few weeks.


My advice on this is just be smart, if your mainly a PVE/P'er I would 100% use the majority your silver to constantly keep buying gold while leaving enough to keep you armoured and fed.


If your a trader I would say use your head, if you happen to get a offer which is amazing and will give you a head start in your market area it might just... be worth the risk after all i have had over 200 million silver a few times this phase and non of it was made with the albion online gold market.



I have tried to bring to the table the ways I can think of that new and veteran players can use to gain more silver, but your not always going to get help. In fact when it comes to silver there might be times when your broke, might be times when you die on your way back with a big bag full of loot, might be times when you get scammed, or even make a wrong decision.


But just remember (Batman quote incoming) Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.


Good Luck in the next stage of Albion

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