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Hi, my friends, I am going to show you some wonderful ways on how to making more Albion silvers when playing the game.

Albion Online Silver Guide

Hi, my friends, I am going to show you some wonderful ways on how to making more Albion silvers when playing the game. After reading this albion online making silver guide, you will find that it's very simple to earn silver:




Gathering is one of the most basic money making techniques in Albion but it also one of the most effective. Gathering t7+ resources can net you some large sums of silver. Gathering fiber's I can make around 200k per day at least. The key to gathering is to not be greedy and be effective. However if you're too scared to leave yellow's this is not for you. Gathering is only profitable in red/black zones.


Edit: It has come to my attention that it is profitable to gather t1-2 resources in blue zones and then sell them. I have researched this and it is indeed a strange but good moneymaking mthod.




Crafting is a method which if done correctly can net you millions in as little as a week. The secret to successful crafting is buying or getting resources at low prices and flipping them for profit. Use the profit to buy even more resources and keep on leveling you're crafting. Please note that crafting any .2 or .3's for serious profit will require a guild since you will need a massive amount of runes and souls for enchanting.




Refining is one of the less talked about skills in Albion with few people doing it solely for profit. The main idea behind refining is buying low like crafting and selling slightly higher. For example, I buy 400 6.4 fiber from the ah for 200k I then refine them and sell 430 (Crafting focus) 6.4 fiber for 300k. The only bottleneck for this is the markets. If you do this seriously you will most probably buy out everything within 2 days. (Or at least thats what happened to me).




Investing, this is where you'll make and lose big money. The most simple method of investing is buying gold when it's low and selling when it's high. For example 3 days ago the gold prices were below 87 and then went up to 97 later. If you had bought 100k gold that would have been 1 mil pure profit. Disclaimer: This is risk and don't risk what you can't lose.




PVP, it's the core of the game and it's insanely fun, if you're good at it you can make millions a day, if you're bad you can lose millions. I would only recommend pvp as a money making technique for those who have a strong economic base or another main profession to sustain they're losses.


Real Estate


I don't know much about this but I decided to add it here because of what I've heard. According to one of my guildmates, properly placed building can make up to 200k per day from tax's. However be warned the bids to buy property are well over 500k for most places.

Albion Online Silver Guide


Some Questions of Albion Silver Framing  



"Why can't i just gather resources and kill T1 and T2 mobs?" 

--> Because everyone will do that. You will see very few recources and mobs left to gather or kill. You can do all of this later on in the game, without lacking behind. The first hours are crucial in getting ahead!


"Why can't i do the fame and silver runs after i got T3? The mobs will certainly kill me with T2." 

--> Don't be afraid! In a group, you can overcome most mobs, even 2 tiers above you. As long as you have some spare gear and the self heal spell on your chest, you will have a good chance of surviving! The current system in Albion rewards players, who first kill mobs, with more than 5x the minimum amount of silver and at least 2x the normal amount of fame. This is such a huge advantage that should not be missed, if you want to stay ahead of the flock.


For example: A T4 skeleton mage boss will give you ~ 45 000 albion silver with full charges. This will be reduced to ~ 8000 albion online silver right after it spawns again / has been killed before. Go for it!


If you keep marauding new zones on the first day (talking hours here), you will gain up to 500 000 silver without any problems. Some will even hit a million or more! You can also advance to T5 and T6 mobs and cash them out, if you are good enough.

So don't waste your time killing those T1 and T2 mobs with 50ish silver and go out in the wild!


More Tips: 


Whatever you want to be, follow these steps to get maximum silver and fame in the first hours:


1) Follow the destiny board guide to unlock the beginners weapons, armor and tools.

2) Craft mulitple sets and keep them for later

3) Get together with some friends and

- rush T3 and T4 mobs in every map

- rush every dungeon in your area (2-3 zones around you)

4) Buy T2 or T3 equipment from the market places

5) Head to yellow zones and kill every mob you encounter

6) Do this for the whole day and try to avoid other groups.


At last, a silver making video(get 200k silver in less then 10 minutes)


If you take a look at this video you can see how I make 200k silver in less then 10 minutes! Plus you get almost 16k fame! If you take a good look al the map (k)


you will see that there are more of those T7 Solo dungeons! Mostly there is a cluster of two per map. I know a place (find that yourself) where there are 6 of those close to each other!


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