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Just a few spell ideas and improvements that i think would improve Albion by a crazy amount.

Albion Online Spell Ideas

Just a few spell ideas and improvements that i think would improve Albion by a crazy amount.




Q- I think the current Q 'auto fire' could be improved drastically if it fired less bolts (3-5?) and then gave a small movement speed burst for positioning yourself after casting. i think this would tackle problems with crossbows lack of mobility and make the weapon a lot funner to play, in contrast to feeling like a turret. Maybe increase the damage of each bolt but silence the player for a short duration after with a reload animation?


Albion Online Spell Ideas


Regular crossbow E 'Snipe shot'- simple change - make it so ally players can intercept/block the bolt for you if they line up with it. This would make some amazing clutch saves and team coordination (blinks into it path to save an ally etc), and force crossbow players to find an angle..


Arcane Staff-


W hands down just remove 'empowering beam'. Whenever i play arcane i feel like i am just mashing w over and over with a Q shield in between. The spell is also impossible to balance. 140% damage is the difference between 2400 damage on a 1000 damage spell and 1200 damage on a 500 damage spell, its just too much of a curve... i think it would work a lot better if the shield on Q also gave the target a small damage increase (30%ish increased damage?). additionally, to replace the beam id give W a slowing or resistance shred spell. I think it would make arcane fit in perfectly as a peel class that can still provide buffs without feeling so one dimensional.


Soldier Armor 'Bloodlust'


This spell is currently only useful to heavy damage over time weapons. I'd argue that It would be a lot better all if it was changed to be something like 'energy drain' on the demon armor, but instead of stealing energy, it should steal health of surrounding enemies.


Leather Armor-


Give all leather armor a passive auto attack damage buff. Push it towards being more sustain damage orientated. With the upcoming changes giving plate crowd control passives and the overall reduction of move speed, i think this is the best way to make leather fit in perfectly between cloth and plate.




Last but not least, make other potion options viable by changing cooldowns accordingly. 5 mins cd for all seems irrational. Would be nice to see more variety other than everybody running healing potions. Reducing the cooldown on cleansing pots, recovery pots and resistance pots could bring so much variety to PvP.

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